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Aseptic Sampling Valves




KIESELMANN aseptic sampling valves provide best functionality combined with a smooth and ergonomically optimized operability.

This progressive design is based on different functional modules, which can be assembled individually or in combination. Available as a simple manually operated valve up to a fully automated assembly, the modular design offers a total assortment of approx. 5000 configurations to be set up for a broad range of appli­cations and customer specific requirements.

Moreover, later setup changes or functional add-ons are feasible, just by replacing or adding functional modules.



KIESELMANN aseptisches Probenahmeventil manuell
  KIESELMANN aseptisches Probenahmeventil manuell/pneumatisch
Aseptic sampling valve


Aseptic sampling valve
pneumatic/manual with end position feedback

KIESELMANN GEMBRA-Tankauslaufventil    



Aseptic sampling valve
pneumatic with control head


Basic configurations

Manual actuation (automatic closing)
Manual actuation (self-locking)
Pneumatic actuation
Pneumatic/manual actuation


Position sensor
Control head
Manual actuated steam valve (SIP)
Pneumatic actuated steam valve (SIP)

Sizes: DN 25 – 150 (product pipe)
1½" – 4" (product pipe)
Tank fittings

product wetted: 1.4404 / AISI 316L
not product wetted: 1.4301 / AISI 304

Seal materials: PTFE-FTM (bellow seal)

Product pressure: max. 10 bar (liquids)

max. 90° C
applicable for CIP / SIP up to 140° C

Tank & pipeline
- Inline clamp connection
- Pipe T-piece DN 25 – 150 / 1½" – 4"
- Tank welding neck
- DN 25 welding neck

Product outlet &
rinsing connection:
- DN 10
- G 3/8
- Clip-on
- manual / pneumatic steam valve

Actuations: - manual (spring-loaded)
- manual (self-locking)
- pneumatic
- pneumatic & manual

Automation: - End position feedback
   via inductive sensor
- Control head

Control air: 4 to 6 bar


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Our Aseptic sampling valve program offers nearly unlimited possibilities. We will advise you project-related and together we will find the optimal solution for your process.
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