Aseptic valves GEMBRA


The KIESELMANN GEMBRA aseptic valve series stands out for an economic operation, due to its uncompromising hygienic design and the application of technologies proven in practice for many years.

GEMBRA valves, which are a new and innovative valve series in hybrid technology, combine the advantages of a safe and durable diaphragm seal with the geometric benefits of the seat-valve technology with regard to dead space-free design and idling performance.

They are available as single seat, reversing as well as leakage-proof double seat valves.


This is a maximum of aseptics!

Metallic diaphragm support
Antiadhesive k-flex sealing material
Excellent cleanability
Pressure shock resistant up to 30 bar
Leakage recognition
High hygienic safety due to  
    dome-free housing

GEMBRA single seat
angle valve
GEMBRA single seat
tee valve
GEMBRA single seat
changeover valve
GEMBRA single seat
tank outlet valve
GEMBRA double seat
routing valve
GEMBRA double seat
tank outlet valve
Sizes DN 40-80

With product contact 1.4404 / AISI 316L
No product contact 1.4301 / AISI 304

With product contact k-flex withFDA-authorization

With product contact Ra < 0,8 μm e-polished

Product temperature max. 95°C

Sterilisation temperature max. 140°C, 30 min.

Product pressure  
Valve functions max. 8 bar
Pressure shock resistance of diaphragm max. 30 bar

Control air pressure 5,5-8 bar


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Contamination-free aseptic function by diaphragm sealing
What are k-flex-Seals?
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