KIESELMANN Flash pasteurisation plants



Flash pasteurisation plants

  Flash pasteurisation plants make use of the pasteurisation process which was discovered by Louis Pasteur in 1876. Beside the increase in durability, also yeast cells and microorganisms which would negatively change or influence the taste of a beverage, are destroyed. In order to minimize the secondary effects of pasteurisation to taste and colour, flash pasteurisation plants and reaction time have to be individually adjusted to the beverage. For that purpose, our beverage technologists are at your disposal at any time.

All KIESELMANN flash pasteurisation plants are mounted ready for connection including process control on stainless steel frame. Depending on the requirements, the control can be built in semi-automatic or fully automatic version with process visualization. Integration into existing control systems is possible at any time, also subsequently, with bus-compatible components.


KIESELMANN pasteurisation plants


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