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Profile KIESELMANN Group

  Profile KIESELMANN Group
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The name KIESELMANN stands for high quality fluid technology, such as components and plants, which allows the control, manipulation and production of liquid and viscose media. With offering safe, innovative and reliable products we provide the facilities to our customers in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries with production by means of which they can meet the needs of their markets today and in the future.



In more tha 80 years of company history, KIESELMANN has achieved a leading position in the production of process fittings and plants of stainless steel for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Today the group operates in three business segments that complement one another. Component and valve technology made by KIESELMANN, partly with electronic control and monitoring, are today among the premium products of the sector. The scope of services of the second business segment, engineering, comprises planning, production and installation from individual units to complex process plant construction. For that purpose, specialist engineers, beverage technologists as well as an assembly team work for KIESELMANN. In the beverage pipeline trade, the third business segment, KIESELMANN is meanwhile among the biggest companies in Germany, with a tube warehouse which comprises a total volume of stainless steel tubes of approx. 200,000 metres.

Paul Kieselmann laid the foundation stone for all this in 1937 with a contract turning shop, which soon realeased its own fittings program. Today, KIESELMANN products and services are distributed all over the world via a subsidiary in China as well as 25 agencies.




  The company’s success is definitely based on the high quality awareness of the employees together with the state-of-the-art equipment in construction and production. We want our customers to be content in the long term. Since 1995, KIESELMANN is DIN EN ISO 9001 certified.




The in-house development department ensures state-of-the-art product technology due to permanent research and optimization of the user processes. In many segments KIESELMANN has set standards thanks to innovative product developments, such as double seat valves with k-flex seals or the aseptic valve program GEMBRA with membrane and seat technology. We want to think ahead in the dialogue with our customers.



Location awareness

  KIESELMANN is a company with location awareness. Our production in Knittlingen is continuously extended. Motivated and qualified employees are our strength – this fact is reflected in an above average staff membership. Situated in a rural region, KIESELMANN strives for creating every production process in harmony with environment and nature.


  Our objective is premium technology and quality for complete satisfaction of our customers and long-term customer relationships.

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