KIESELMANN Pharma technology


Individualized for the greatest Product Purity

KIESELMANN designs and manufactures systems
and units for the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology
Industries. Our portfolio covers a broad range, from
pressure vessels to flow plates and valve manifolds, to
units and compact plants. Completely customized and
individually designed to your specifications.
Our pharmaceutical systems are designed in 3D with the
goal of achieving the greatest product purity and efficiency,
of course in adherence to the all valid norms and
Our Production employs the most up-to-date equipment
and tools, accompanied by testing procedures such as
x-ray, videoscopic cameras, detection of the δ-ferritecontent
and surface grade evaluation. Innovative ideas
and proven technology guarantee the highest quality
from the first design drawing to commissioning and far

Panels, Units, Compakt

Customized design
Manufactured in our facility or on site
Installation, commissioning, documentation

Specialized Components

Intelligent solutions for the reduction of build size and
dead-leg space in the materials  1.4301/1.4404/1.4571/
1.4435/1.4529/1.4539 and Hastelloy with test certifi-
cations according to DIN EN 10204 3.1 AD 2000W2.

concentric and exocentric reducing pieces in
    reference to DIN 11865 made of round steel
    according to DIN EN 10272 Transitions between
    varying tube classes  DIN 11866 Row A/B/C
    with lathed TC-connection, flanges or
    threaded connection

Adaptations for sensor attachment, etc.

Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessels to client specifications for the optimum
adaptation to the local conditions.

Tanks and Vessels
Filter Housings
Bubble-Catchers (Deaeration Units), etc..

  KIESELMANN Pharma Technology

KIESELMANN Pharma compact plant
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 For us, quality has top priority. 
 This is guaranteed by our
 qualified employees and the
 optimal working conditions.
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