KIESELMANN international Sales Meeting 2018
KIESELMANN international sales meeting 2018

Three days dedicated to worldwide success: the international sales meeting 2018. From 26 to 28 June we had sales partners from 12 countries in Knittlingen for a visit. The lectures for the colleagues from Kieselmann France, Kieselmann UK, Kieselmann Liquid Processing Equipment (Beijing), Carein, Denwel, BCG, DFB, Aegir, S.K.S, Difusa, Fagerberg, Técnica de Fluidos, Rodger Industries focused on innovations and proven strengths of the KIESELMANN portfolio.

It all started Tuesday morning with a training course on the subject of valve control heads by development manager Uwe Heisswolf. Afterwards he presented the AquaDuna cleaning technology and the recently optimized KIESELMANN tank dome fitting. The morning ended with a presentation by Sales Manager Dieter Biszwurm on valve manifolds. After lunch, a tour of the company was on the agenda. The tour went into the heart of the company, the production and manufacturing. The new machinery in Hall 7, which was inaugurated in 2017, was particularly well received. In the evening they met in the old town of Bretten in the restaurant “Brettener Hundle” to end the first day in a cosy atmosphere.

On Wednesday morning, Thomas Dreisigacker, Sales Manager Guth Ventiltechnik, welcomed his international colleagues. The presentation of the Landauer Fluid Process Group member was followed by a lecture by Uwe Heisswolf on control valves. In the afternoon, Uwe Heisswolf and Sebastian Gensheimer, Quality Manager KIESELMANN, talked about after-sales services and quality assurance. After lunch Jürgen Raichle introduced his special field in plant construction to the audience: pigging technology. The evening of this day ended in the restaurant Schweizer Hof in Bretten.

On Thursday, the last day of the international sales training, the daily program included control, double and single-seat valves as well as the popular "Hands on Trainings". During the Hands on Trainings, the listeners became users: from theory to practice. At the final dinner at Restaraunt Bona in Diedelsheim on Thursday evening, the international community exchanged views on the new products and features. A pleasant conclusion to a successful sales meeting in 2018.
KIESELMANN takes over Gross Behälter- und Anlagenbau

KIESELMANN Fluid Process Group continues to grow.

Gross Behälter- und Anlagenbau GmbH was integrated into the KIESELMANN Fluid Process Group under the new name GROSS Behälterbau GmbH with retroactive effect from May 15. This will ensure the continued existence of the company, which was facing insolvency-related shutdowns before the takeover.

From now on, Gross will complement the Fluid Process Group company Rieger Behälterbau in stainless steel tank construction. "With Gross we welcome another experienced and well-trained team to the Fluid Process Group. Building on decades of experience, Gross will continue to plan, manufacture and assemble high-quality stainless steel containers in Steißlingen, Germany", says KIESELMANN Managing Director Klaus Dohle.

Dan Mayer, who has already led Rieger Behälterbau purposefully on the road to success, takes over the management of Gross: "We know what Gross can do. We will continue to use these strengths to successfully implement projects," comments Dan Mayer on the acquisition.

NEW: Bunging valve with POM adjustment nut
We would like to inform you that the adjustment nut of our bunging valve will now be made from plastic (POM - polyoxymethylene) and no longer from stainless steel. The housing of the adjustment nut with the scale however is still made from stainless steel.

POM has a very good chemical resistance to the common cleaning agents. Furthermore it has very good mechanical properties and the added advantage that the thread will not seize even if the pressure range is adjusted frequently.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us

Festive finale of the anniversary year
On Friday, December 15th, the management and the works council of KIESELMANN had invited to the year-end party. Already at 5:30 pm the Knittlinger Stadthalle was filled with employees of the company. When Klaus Dohle, the managing director of KIESELMANN, greeted the employees in the early evening, the hall was filled to the last place:"Dear employees, dear shareholders, another year of records lies behind us. I would like to thank you for that. KIESELMANN stands for innovation, delivery reliability and quality. This is also reflected in our new motto:"Passion for quality".

Year of superlatives
The Knittlingen-based companies KIESELMANN GmbH, KIESELMANN Anlagenbau GmbH and KIESELMANN Pharmatec GmbH together generated an annual turnover of 70 million euros. The entire Fluid Process Group recorded 180 million euros. The components sector alone grew by a remarkable 15 percent last year. With seven million euros,"Kieselmann Pharmatec" received the largest single order in the past fiscal year. The largest single investment in the company's history was also made this year. KIESELMANN invested around eight million euros in a new office and production building with a floor space of 3000 square meters. A further five million has been allocated for machinery and equipment. This investment is also a sign of site loyalty. Another sign is the 20 new jobs created by the company in Knittlingen in 2017 alone.

Membership and farewell
Following his speech, Klaus Dohle, together with Josef Beisel from the works council and HR manager Lena Lotsspeicher, honoured the jubilees of the year 2017. For a decade of KIESELMANN, Norbert Schmid, Heinrich Wirth, Patrick Wiegand, Klaus-Jürgen Platzer, Erik Hartmann, Ulrike Bischoff, Alexander Hauser, Hartmut Schreiber, Marcel Jordan, Sven Nelson, Benno Brauer, Alexander Kelsch and Markus Bohner were honoured. Norbert Vieback, Dietmar Ballier and Walter Reimer have been with the company for 25 years. Walter Scherer and Egon Schneider, who had served the company faithfully for 40 years, as well as Robert Hauser, Dieter Götting, Angelina Weber and Helmut Löffler were retired. After the cheerful and appreciative applause received by the jubilees and pensioners, it became quiet in the Knittlinger Stadthalle. Klaus Dohle and all those present with him bid farewell to Harald Uhlmann. He worked in the company for 18 years and died unexpectedly on the night of December 10 to 11,2017 at the age of 61.

A year behind 24 doors
Following the awards of the employees, Klaus Dohle gave a bouquet of flowers to thank the partners Karen Helms-Kieselmann, Rosemarie Zitsch and Renate Dohle for the trust they placed in him. Then he opened the buffet. After the culinary break, the annual trainee presentation was on the agenda. The yearly review, which was created this year by Romy Kauselmann and Victoria Salzgeber, had numerous laughs, smiles and beautiful memories in petto. The PowerPoint presentation was set up as an Advent calendar and concealed behind each of the 24 doors a different corporate event from last year: International trade fair appearances, employee health management campaigns, demolition of the old pipe warehouse and the canteen and, of course, the 80th anniversary celebrations. A little more than four weeks have passed since the anniversary celebration on 11 November. The company celebrated eight decades of KIESELMANN and the inauguration of the new production and office building with a hearty Oktoberfest. "The KIESELMANN employees simply know how to celebrate", Klaus Dohle summed up the anniversary celebrations in his speech. (You can read a detailed report here: Please click here)

The 25th door
A surprise of the evening was the 25th door. Behind it was a pointed video clip dedicated to Klaus Dohle. He was honored that night for 25 years as Managing Director. The mechanical engineer joined the company in 1988 and took over the management on 1 March 1992. In the following quarter of a century he rebuilt, expanded and raised the company to new heights. Dan Mayer, Managing Director of Rieger Behälterbau, held the laudatory speech and recalled a saying that Klaus Dohle had made his motto:"Eating and drinking is always the order of the day. A guiding principle with which Klaus Dohle had maneuvered the company, which produces process components and process plants for the food and beverage industry, even through the stormy financial flows of the global economic crisis. After the award of the Managing Director, the trainees had yet another surprise in the back of their hands: The KIESELMANN "Christmas Blockbuster" 2017, in the past few weeks the trainees had been on the road with a camera and a microphone in all departments of the company to spontaneously capture a few "Christmas statements", poems, songs and wish lists. The answers were then put together into a film, which once again caused numerous laughs and great applause. This was the ideal transition to the swinging part of the evening. If you had previously seen the colleagues on the screen singing Christmas carols, you could now see them swinging their legs. And so they danced to a colourful music mix of the DJ with a cocktail in his hand until long after midnight in the disco light.

80 years of fluid technology from Knittlingen
On Saturday, 11.11.2017, we celebrated eight decades of KIESELMANN. The employees of the Fluid Process Group, the craftsmen involved in our new building and Knittlingen's mayor Heinz-Peter Hopp were invited to the festive evening.

The celebrations were held in the production hall, which was completed on time for the jubilee, and which we transformed into a Bavarian marquee with the help of the event agency Sokoll & Friends, our energetic caretaker Holger Dangel and numerous KIESELMANN trainees. In keeping with the "Oktoberfest motto", many of the 800 invited guests also appeared in Bavarian costumes. Shortly after our new "Festhalle" opened its gates, Klaus Dohle, Managing Director of KIESELMANN, stepped on stage, welcomed the guests and expressed his special thanks to all employees. It is only through the commitment of the entire KIESELMANN team that it is possible to be so successful today worldwide.

"Paul Kieselmann would be proud if he could see what emerged from his "small company" in just 80 years,"says Klaus Dohle. The architect responsible for the new building, Siegfried Hauf, praised the special performance of all those involved. Only 171 days have passed since construction began. Not even half a year, in which a machine hall, final assembly, canteen and offices with a total floor space of 3600 m² were built. Josef Bertl appeared on stage as the third keynote speaker. The humorist galloped poignantly and with bavarian tongue-lashing through the KIESELMANN company history.

Afterwards, Klaus Dohle returned to the stage with Pascal Bühler from the KIESELMANN Works Council and Rieger Behälterbau Managing Director Dan Mayer. Only three courageous beats with a wooden hammer later it was said:"O' zapft i's!" With the tap tapping of the barrel the Tegernsee beer flowed and at the buffet there were Bavarian delicacies, such as ox on the spit, grilled chicken and cabbage cheese knobs, from Kieselmann cafeteria chef Wolfgang Wittig. The "Die Steinsberger" provided the proper musical background music. The musicians, who had already set the mood at the Munich Oktoberfest and the Cannstatter Wasen, played rocky folk music. So it was a long and exuberant celebration into the night.

At the end of the celebration the guests received some small gifts. For the women there was a gingerbread heart with the inscription "Kieselmann mog Di", for the men a specially labelled bottle of Kieselmann anniversary beer.
Year-end ceremony in the town hall of Knittlingen: Kieselmann honoured long-standing employees - a review of a business year that was succesful again
“The year 2016 was characterized by growth; however, we also had to realize the limits of our capacities in many fields”. With this summary of the last business year, Klaus Dohle, the managing director of the Knittlingen based Kieselmann GmbH, welcomed his employees to the traditional year-end ceremony in the town hall on Friday evening. In the same breath he praised the great commitment of the staff.

In Knittlingen alone, Kieselmann recorded a sales growth of 63 million Euros. Together with the subsidiaries Rieger Behälterbau, Guth Ventiltechnik, Kieselmann China and MTA (Maschinen & Technologie Allgäu), an annual turnover of 100 million Euros was reached, within the complete Fluid Process Group even a turnover of about 150 million Euros.

„I’m proud of my staff on whom I can rely and who, in the first place, made an expansion possible, as Kieselmann experienced it in the past years. Thank you very much.” Klaus Dohle praised the extraordinary commitment of his employees. “Kieselmann’s course is set for further growth,” the managing director said when looking ahead. In order to reach this, the company invested 1.5 million Euros in a new logistics building. It is almost finished and the move will take place in February. In addition, the shareholders had granted seven million Euros for the construction of a new production hall with canteen and office premises. This is the largest individual investment that Kieselmann had ever made. The old tennis hall, on whose grounds the new building will be put up, will be knocked down in February, too. It shall be ready until the end of 2017. A nice gift that Kieselmann GmbH makes itself on the occasion of its 80th company anniversary. Klaus Dohle thanked the three shareholders Karin Helms-Kieselmann and Rosemarie Zitsch and Renate Dohle (from left to right) for this gift with bouquets of flowers.

In addition to the review and outlook, it is already a tradition to honour the long-standing employees. Together with the representatives of the works council, the managing director Klaus Dohle honoured the long-standing employees, addressing some very personal words to each of them.  The following Kieselmann employees were honoured with gifts of the company and of the works council: For 40 years of employment: Egon Schneider; 25 years: Torsten Grulke, Dieter Hartmann, Dietmar Jopp, Michael Müller, Leo Olfert, Markus Braun, Siegfried Epple, Ahmet Kisbet, Ali Kizmaz, Martina Leismann, Kai Sauer; 10 years: Patrick Bittigkoffer, Ilona Dittes, Sabrina Dragonetti, Christian Löffler. After the honours had been over, the managing director declared the buffet opened, which Kieselmann’s head of the canteen, Wolfgang Wittig, had prepared for the guests. And there were further delectations after the meal, because the amusement, that the apprentices’ presentation offered, was delectable as well. The youngest Kieselmann employees made the guests very much laugh in their end-of-the-year review. Then followed a dance performance of the apprentices where there wasn’t a dry eye left. To wet the dry throat, the bar offered fancy alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. As soon as the first sounds coming from the hi-fi equipment were heard, the guests did not stay any longer on their chairs. The Kieselmann staff, who was in a splendid mood, enjoyed to dance till the early hours. When the lights were switched on again in the festival hall, everybody agreed that this was a celebration that was worthy of a successful year.
KIESELMANN continues to grow: New branch in France
On 1st September 2016 the KIESELMANN branch was opened in Ennevelin, France. Christophe Cambier (second from right) could be won to manage the branch. Besides our neighbouring country, the new location will also support the French speaking countries Tunisia and Morocco. “With the new branch, we keep our promise in France, too: Optimal consulting and appropriate service directly with the customer“, Klaus Dohle said at the opening.
The new building complex includes office premises and a warehouse for the supply at short notice, spare parts and little mounting works.

We wish a successful start.

The managing director Klaus Dohle (on the right) and the sales manager Dieter Bizwurm (on the left)
welcome Christophe Cambier and Cathy Cambier (second from right and middle) to KIESELMANN
in Knittlingen on the occasion of the start of the new branch in France

The new office is now available under and tel. no. 33 6 09 63 45 07.
You will find the French homepage here:


International training from 12th to 14th July, 2016
For three days, we invited our sales agents Kieselmann GB, Carein, SKS, Aegir, Platek and Ingenieria Tizayuca to come to Knittlingen and to take part in a product training. Along with the transfer of technical know-how, the participants should also receive a comprehensive impression of the family enterprise KIESELMANN.
The first day started with a training concerning the subject suitability and service life of the different sealing materials used for ball valves and disc valves, carried out by the manager of the development department Mr Uwe Heisswolf. This was followed by a presentation of Mr Jürgen Raichle who informed about the application and benefit of the pigging technology. The day finished with a presentation about single-seat valves and control valves, made by Mr Heisswolf again.
The next morning began with a presentation of the sales manager Mr Dieter Biszwurm about the advantages of the KIESELMANN valve technology. Sales arguments and customer’s benefit were communicated to our international guests. So, our sales agents are now optimally prepared to offer KIESELMANN products to the customer, as a part of a process solution. This presentation was completed by technical information about the products tank dome fittings, safety valves, cleaning technology and bung valves, given by the manager of the development department.
On the third day, the time had come: The technically very interested participants could put the learned theory into practice. They dismounted, checked and remounted double-seat valves and control heads, single-seat valves and control valves, leakage disk valves and much more, or changed seals. Owing to this, they could directly learn the special properties which are mostly hidden inside the KIESELMANN products. This active day was completed by a tour of the company, followed by a lively discussion.
We thank the participants and hope that they will take away a lot of useful information. We wish you much success for your customer consulting which will be now even better!
Safety valves now with new CE type examination and EAC certification for gases

There are many reasons, sometimes even several at the same time, for an unexpected increase in pressure in closed plant systems. Without the use of reliable safety valves, the consequences would be very expensive and often life-threatening.

Our proven safety valves have now obtained the CE type examination certificate for gases and the EAC certification. With this, the defined opening and closing behaviour as well as the blow-off capacity is certified by an independent testing services provider. This allows you – in addition to the application for liquids - to safely use these tested and approved valves as a safety system for gaseous mediums, e.g. in case of CO2 overlay or outgasing mediums. Each of these valves is adjusted to the customer-specific operating point and sealed in the KIESELMANN test centre. The corresponding test certificate is included to the delivery in order to complete your documentation. These valves have compact and complete closed bodies. All movable parts are within the body, so that a blocking of the valves from the outside is not possible. They are available in the nominal widths of between DN 25 and 100 as well as in response pressures of between 0.2 and 12 bar. For easy cleaning, they are available either as a pneumatically or manually liftable version.

Russian subsidiaries on a visit at KIESELMANN

From June 28th to July 1st, 2016, the agencies KIESELMANN RUS, RUS South and Belarus visited the headquarters in Knittlingen.
The program started with a tour of the company premises providing an insight into our production diversity. During the visit, there were a lot of presentations about our product range, such as pigging technology and safety fittings and much more.
After the theoretical part, the visitors had the opportunity to take part in a “Hands on Training” and to learn more about our products during a live assembly.
On the agenda were also visits of the subsidiary companies AquaDuna GmbH & Co. KG in Sternenfels, which produces, among others, cleaning equipment for vessels, and VA GmbH in Stuttgart (Moehringen), a company which is specialized in the dairy industry and filtration technology.
All in all, a well-rounded and informative program which gave to our agencies’ staff the possibility to further qualify for the customer service.
A perfect skiing weekend in fantastic weather
During this year’s skiing trip the KIESELMANN team spent an absolutely perfect weekend with ideal conditions.
For the fourth time, we started bright and early by bus to Damuels in Austria. After a stopover with a champagne breakfast, the team reached the valley station in bright sunshine. After the luggage had been put to the Elsenalpstube, a mountain inn in the middle of the skiing resort, we immediately went to the ski slope. The very courageous colleagues went across country, rushing down the hills between the trees, in deep powder snow. Later we met on the sun terrace of the inn for après-ski. After dinner, the brave ones of our team tobogganed in the dark down to the valley on a quick slope with many holes. The team excellently managed this challenge, although with some inevitable falls, but with great fun. On Saturday, we were woken up by brilliant sunshine. This meant breakfast and then immediately on the excellent, but very full slopes, which did not at all disturb the KIESELMANN team’s good mood.
In the afternoon, we met again at the outdoor bar on the piste and, after a short valley run, we just reached one of the last ski lifts back to the mountain inn. There the sunny conservatory invited to finish this great skiing day with a breathtaking mountain panorama whilst enjoying the après-ski. After dinner, we danced and celebrated in high spirits into the early hours of the morning. Sunday as well wanted to be as good as the past days. The sun began to shine brilliantly in the late morning, with ideal snow conditions. This meant pure joy of skiing, until it was time to drive home. Radiant and sun-kissed faces identified the homecomers who, once again, grew together to a team owing to this weekend.
Guth Logo


The Fluid Process Group founded by and under the leadership of KIESELMANN GmbH welcomes the successor company of the former Wilhelm Guth Ventiltechnik GmbH & Co. KG, whose new name is now Landauer Ventiltechnik GmbH, as the newest member, effective from Nov 1st, 2015. The new company will continue to produce and sell high-quality Guth valve technology at the present location Im Horstring 16, 76829 Landau/Pfalz, Germany.

After having passed turbulent times in the past months, the staff of Landauer Ventiltechnik GmbH, under the brand name Guth, is now able again to focus with full concentration on its customers. The Fluid Process Group, with all its members, will support it at the best.

You are interested? Just call us under +49 (6341) 5105-0 or send us an e-mail.

Offer in the dairy sector enlarged

MTA LogoWith a new member, Messrs. MTA GmbH Maschinen & Technologie Allgäu, the FLUID PROCESS GROUP continues to extend its range for the dairy industry. MTA offers particularly dairy systems and cheese producing machines, such as customized cheese vats, stretching machines, curd draining machines, casein recovery systems.
You are interested? Just call us under +49(0)8331 750 580 or send us an e-mail.

Availability of tubes extended with new warehouse

KIESELMANN GmbH inaugurated its new tube warehouse with a company celebration. The new building will extend warehouse capacity and improve customer service.

After eight months of construction time, KIESELMANN officially opened its new tube warehouse during a family celebration. Beside the KIESELMANN shareholders, the approx. 310 employees had been invited together with their families, where they were offered an insight into the factory premises and a varied entertainment programme. The managing director, Klaus Dohle, said in his speech in the evening: „It’s already a certain tradition that we celebrate our events at the same time as the inauguration of a new hall. That’s quite useful, because where do we have enough space for the employees and their families?“

KIESELMANN covers the demand of tubes for plant engineering with its beverage pipeline trade division. The range includes stainless steel tubes, flat/angle steels and square tubes which meet highest hygienic demands owing to an accurate surface treatment, such as tubes to DIN EN 10357. In order to store them, a warehouse of a space of 3,500 sqm and a height of 8.5 m was built. It provides approx. 1,200 shelf spaces which offer a gross capacity of up to 400,000 m of stainless steel tubes. According to Klaus Dohle, already 200,000 m of stainless steel tubes having a total weight of almost 1,800 t are stored; here the hitherto existing warehouse would have already reached its limits. The remaining capacity shall be used for stock programme extensions and customized dimensions. In addition to the new storage space, the hall also offers a generous loading and unloading zone for lorries so that these can directly drive into this hall and leave it on the other side after the cargo had been handled, without having to turn.  „All the operations take now place in a hall, regardless of the weather conditions“, explained Mr Dohle in his speech – a great advantage for the material stored in a dry place and all the persons involved.

The tubes are available directly ex works with KIESELMANN – thanks to this the required tubes can be supplied to the customers quickly and at short notice. Owing to the larger stock, more tubes will be now available directly ex works.

Beside a high customer satisfaction, KIESELMANN attaches great importance to its regional foothold. Against the wide-spread trend of outsourcing, the company is expanding its headquarters in the Swabian Knittlingen. The new warehouse and other building projects and investments are another example of it. Furthermore, importance was attached, as always, to commission regional companies, if possible. For the constructional engineering of the project was charged the Mühlacker based architectural practice Dill + Hauf whose performance was particularly praised by Klaus Dohle. The commitment to this location safeguards the about 310 jobs and demonstrates that international success does not exclude social responsibility.

International product training

An International product training took place at KIESELMANN from 14 th to 16th July 2015.

Our subsidiaries KIESELMANN Russia, KIESELMANN BELARUS and KIESELMANN UK as well as the agencies Actemium (Belgium), Platek (Turkey), Carein (Italy), M-Wave (Thailand), SKS (Belgium / The Netherlands), Egte (Sweden), Difusa (Mexico) and SGS (Spain) participated. Topics were KIESELMANN novelties and product applications. Target of the training, which takes place annually, is to optimally advise on new products and technical applications – you benefit from it.

International product training

An international product training took place with KIESELMANN from 20. to 22.05.2014 in which the subsidiaries KIESELMANN Russia and KIESELMANN UK as well as the agencies Platec (Turkey), EGTE (Schweden) and Centec (USA) participated. Topics were KIESELMANN novelties and product applications. Target of the trainings, which take place annually, is to optimally advise on new products and technical applications – you benefit from it.

KIESELMANN celebrates growth
Once again the management and works council invited to come to the festival hall of Knittlingen which, with over 240 guests, reached its capacity limit.
The managing director Klaus Dohle opened the Christmas Party with his last year‘s quotation: It depends on you alone whether you want to use the new year as a brake or as an engine. With reference to the quotation, he directly declared: We have not only used the year as an engine – we drove at full speed all the year. The main field, the fittings production, registered a growth in sales of 20 per cent. Together with the pipeline trade and plant construction, a result of 57 m was achieved, with RIEGER Behälterbau 86 m, and with the other participations in the FLUID PROCESS GROUP 150 m. Special thanks went to Petra Schmidt for 40 years of seniority, Werner Nitsch and Lucie Dürr for 35 years, Horst Kühner for 30 years and Klaus Kehrer for 25 years. Gerhard Zymla has been working with Kieselmann since 20 years; Elke Deeß, Andrea Hirsch, Jens Schabinger and Gabriele Pirchmoser were honoured for 10 years. A gift was handed over to the hard-boiled staff who come to work by bike all the year, which is not only beneficial to health, but also to environment. Another highlight of the year was the participation in the plant construction company RULAND Engineering in Neustadt an der Weinstraße. The KIESELMANN Fluid Process Group has now 850 employees. Last year 30 new jobs were created at the headquarters in Knittlingen. Another commitment to the location was an investment of € 3.5 m in modern machines and robots, also thanks to the financial support of the shareholders. This pleasing official part was followed by the excellent buffet of the canteen boss Wolfgang Wittig. Afterwards the apprentices put the guests into a hilarious mood with their swim performance. They were allowed to leave the scene only after having shown more. Then the exciting year was reviewed with a presentation made by the student of the marketing department. The celebration of the exhausting, but very successful KIESELMANN year, ended in the wee hours of the morning.
KVP trip of the process planning and design department to Berlin
This year’s KVP trip led employees of the process planning and design departments to the federal capital Berlin from 06.06.2013 to 08.09.2013. The group arrived in best temper at the hotel at about 5 pm and shortly afterwards it took the interurbain train to the famous Alexanderplatz. After a short visit of the Hackesche Höfe, Germany’s largest yard area, and after a delicious supper, it went to the Simon-Dach-Straße, a promenade with many pubs and shops. In summer there are about 1,900 seats outside in front of about 20 pubs and restaurants. The darker the evening, the more vibrant becomes this street.
The next morning, after breakfast, with summer temperatures and brilliant sunshine, started with a city tour in a sight-seeing bus. Of course, all famous sights, such as Brandenburger Tor, the Government district/Reichstag, Kurfürstendamm, Potsdamer Platz, Victory column etc., were visited. The East-Side-Gallery was very impressive, too; it is the longest open air gallery worldwide. It was built in 1990 after the German reunification. At a length of 1.3 km, 118 artists from all over the world made paintings on the wall along the Mühlenstraße between Oberbaumbrücke and Ostbahnhof. As for exhaust emissions and vandalism took a lot out of the East-Side-Gallery, artists repainted in 2009 the subjects having become unrecognizable, largely in a manner true to the original.
Of course, a stroll through the Kaufhaus des Westens “KADEWE”, the biggest shopping center on the European continent, as well as enjoying the famous Berliner Currywurst and the Berliner Weisse were a must.
Unfortunately they had to leave Berlin the next day and went back home by plane at 3 pm.
The visit of this big city was an unforgettable adventure for all participants of the trip.
Honoured for 40 years of employment at KIESELMANN
KIESELMANN ‘s managing director Klaus Dohle could again honour an employee for 40 years of employment!
Petra Schmidt started her career at KIESELMANN with an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk which she completed successfully. Since then she has been working in the financial accounts department and has been mainly responsible for the settlement of the accounts payable. In his very personal speech Klaus Dohle placed emphasis on her diligent and reliable work as well as on her great loyalty. The managing director and the head of personnel, Günter Plag, said thank you for her extraordinary work and long-time company loyalty and presented her the award of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce along with a gift and a bouquet of flowers. They wished her all the best, a lot of success and pleasure in work in future.
KVP trip of the sales department to Istanbul
This year’s KVP trip led the team of the sales department to Istanbul from 9th to 12th of May. On the first day the tour guide showed Istanbul’s highlights to the group: The Blue Mosque, the Hippodrome, the Hagia Sophia, the Cisterna Basilica, the Topkapi Palace and the Grand Bazaar. They spent the evening with the Turkish agency in the club „Nomads“, where culinary delicacies were offered and stunning belly dances were shown.

On the second day they went by minibus along the city wall to the Eyüp quarter, over the Bosporus Bridge to the Asian area.
Fortified by a snack in the Kadiköy quarter, a two-hour boat trip on the Bosporus followed. The trip ended with a visit on the famous spice and sweets bazaar and the team of the sales department, good-humoured and motivated, returned from a weekend full of events.
 Seminar for Russian experts with KIESELMANN
KIESELMANN had invited important decision makers of the Russian dairy industry to take part in a four-day seminar. The 31 participants came from the regions of Belarus, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Ural/Siberia. After the welcoming speech hold by the managing director Klaus Dohle, several specialized lectures about the KIESELMANN valve technology and plant engineering were on the schedule. The efficiency of the production in Knittlingen was depicted on a detailed tour through the factory. The wide vertical range of production, the manifold use of robotics, the generous working conditions and last, but not least, the high quality consciousness of the employees are an essential feature of the location. Another part of the program was the extensive umbrella events, such as the visit of a dairy. The visitors used here the opportunity to lead intensive expert talks with the production managers about the basic conditions, production processes as well as about the used plant technology. They also asked many questions about filtration and microparticulation, the specialist field of VA Food Processing. Further visits were made to the Schützengarten brewery as well as to the tank and vessel manufacturer RIEGER, which also belongs to the KIESELMANN Fluid Process Group. The seminar ended with the visit of the winery Felsengartenkellerei Hessigheim. Of course, a wine-tasting was offered, too. The tasting of the excellent wines was accompanied by brief entertaining anecdotes about the growing of the types of wine – uniquely presented. We thank our guests for the seminar profitable for all parts and the enriching practical conversations.
International product training
An international product training took place with KIESELMANN from 19. to 21.03.2013 in which the subsidiaries KIESELMANN Russia and KIESELMANN UK as well as the agencies Platec (Turkey), Fagerberg (Denmark) and Centec (USA) participated. Topics were KIESELMANN novelties and product applications. Target of the trainings, which take place annually, is to optimally advise on new products and technical applications – you benefit from it.
7 awards for KIESELMANN products

Even seven KIESELMANN products received an award at the Agroprodmash 2012 in Moscow. The prizes were awarded among all exhibitors by an expert panel composed of the vice director of the trade fair, the executive director of the independent and non-commercial organization "SOYUZEXPERTIZA", a member of the Chamber of Commerce, the director of the Agroservice company as well as by a member of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture. The KIESELMANN products tank dome fitting, the rotational cleaner DUNOS-R and the aseptic retrofit kit received the silver medal in the category “Cleaning equipment”. 2 gold medals were awarded to the KIESELMANN leakage butterfly and double-seat valves in the category “Best equipment in the food sector“, and also in the category “Best innovation“. We are happy about these outstanding awards in even three categories. These prizes emphasize our efforts to supply the best products for the process industry and are simultaneously an incentive to continue this target in the future as well.
KIESELMANN has obtained the certification as a known consignor

KIESELMANN has obtained the certification as a known consignor according to the ordinance (EU) no. 300/2008. Airfreight shipments of consignors having this certificate need not to be X-rayed once again. This means a quicker settlement of transports and shipments. Thus you will receive your orders/products in time.
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