• Upgradeable blind insert

    Upgradeable blind insert

    Growth preinstalled

    Full flexibility for future extensions.

Blind insert

Simply expand the valve node

KIESELMANN blind inserts are placeholders for double-seat valves.

In the planning phase, we discuss your expansion options and integrate corresponding blind inserts into the valve matrix of the piping system. Then you are completely flexible and can expand the valve number of your valve nodes at any time. Simply loosen the housing clamp, remove the blind insert from the housing and install the valve core - ready.

No sawing, no welding, no stainless steel chips in the pipeline and thus no impurities that pose a risk to your product and your system.

• Simple planning of the valve matrix

• Easy retrofitting of valves in the matrix compound

• No additional, complex welding work

• Low-tension valve blocks with uniformly arranged valve housings

• Conversion-related downtime of the valve node is completely eliminated

• Long service life due to non-backlash-free valve discs with secure sealing