• KIESELMANN apprenticeship

    KIESELMANN apprenticeship

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    Are you ready for a great education? Then you came to the right place.

KIESELMANN Training programme

An education that suits you

Motivated and qualified employees who contribute their ideas to our teams form the backbone of our success.

We offer a versatile education that focuses on professional practice.

During the training you will go through all the specialist departments of our company and learn the skills and knowledge of the respective job profile.

We offer a friendly working environment in an innovative company as well as good chances for later employment.

For the year 2018, we have filled all trainee positions.

Our offer for the Training year 2019:

Important for the application:

15th September is the closing date for the next year of training. The following documents must be available to us when applying:

  • Cover letter and CV
  • The last two school reports

We look forward to receiving your application documents - preferably by e-mail to karriere@0nkiesuxrelmann.eqde

For more information about training at KIESELMANN, please contact Ms. Lotspeich (Human Resources, Tel: 07043 371 322).

  • Systems mechanic

    Training content:

    • Manual and machine forming of sheet metal, tubes and profiles
    • Welding, soldering and thermal cutting
    • Production and assembly of components for apparatus and containers
    • Learn more (PDF)
  • Specialist for warehouse logistics

    Training content:

    • Acceptance and inspection of goods
    • Storage of goods
    • Picking and packing of goods
    • Shipping of goods
    • Learn more (PDF)
  • Industrial mechanic

    Training content:

    • Screwing and adjusting components
    • Manufacture of equipment parts and assemblies for production plants
    • Maintenance and upkeep of systems
    • Performing quality controls
    • Learn more (PDF)
  • Industrial clerk

    Training content:

    Providing knowledge and skills in the areas of:

    • Materials management
    • Production management
    • Distribution management
    • Human Resources and Accounting
    • Learn more (PDF)


  • Technical product designer

    Training content:

    • Creation of technical drawings (CAD systems) and documentation
    • Development of systems and machines
    • Engineering design
    • Learn more (PDF)
  • Machining mechanic

    Training content:

    • Programming, setup, cleaning and maintenance of CNC machine tools
    • Evaluation of technical drawings
    • Planning of manufacturing processes
    • Performing quality controls
    • Learn more (PDF)