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10th day of training at Kieselmann

  • Ausbildungstag 2018 Knittlingen

On Thursday, 9.11.2018, we had 54 trainees visiting us for the 10th day of training. Lena Lotspeich welcomed the guests, who had also arrived from Rieger and Guth, punctually at 8 o'clock. Caroline Pötzl then took the floor and introduced the KIESELMANN Fluid Process Group.

At 8:45 a.m. the day's program began with a communicative get-to-know game, moderated by Eva Reinhardts from the vocational training company hiwentis in Sternenfels. Afterwards she conducted an interactive training with the trainees on the topic of tolerance. At 11:45 a.m., canteen manager Wolfgang Wittig invited them to a delicious lunch. For the subsequent group photo, a small digestive walk into the new final assembly was scheduled. Markus Haller from BARMER Krankenkasse then spoke about the dos and don'ts in everyday business life, the business etiquette.

At 2:15 p.m. all trainees were sitting in the bus in the direction of Vaihingen Enz. The destination of the short trip was the Ensinger Mineralquelle site. Here the trainees could take a look at the production and see the products of their companies live in action. Around 17.00 o'clock it went back to Knittlingen. Once there, the 10th day of training ended with a delicious dinner in a good mood.

You can see more photos of the 10th training day on our Facebook page: Please click here