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80 years of fluid technology from Knittlingen: Anniversary celebration with a passion for quality and a great atmosphere

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On Saturday, 11 November 2017, we celebrated eight decades of . The employees of the Fluid Process Group, craftsmen involved in our new building and Knittlingen’s mayor Heinz-Peter Hopp were invited to the festive evening.

The celebrations took place in the production hall, which had been completed on time for the anniversary. The event agency Sokoll & Friends, our energetic caretaker Holger Dangel and numerous apprentices had turned the hall into a Bavarian marquee for the celebration. In the Oktoberfest tradition, many of the more than 800 invited guests also appeared in traditional Bavarian costumes. Shortly after our new “festival hall” had opened its gate, KIESELMANN managing director Klaus Dohle stepped onto the stage, greeted the attendees and gave a special thank you to all the employees. It is only possible for us to be so successful worldwide today because of the commitment of the entire KIESELMANN team .

“Paul Kieselmann would be proud if he could see what has become of the ‘seed’ of his company in just 80 years”, said Klaus Dohle. The architect responsible for the new building, Siegfried Hauf, praised the special achievements everyone involved. Just 171 days have passed since construction began. Not even half a year to build a machine hall, final assembly facility, canteen and offices with a total floor space of 3600 m². The third speaker was Josef Bertl. The humorist raced pointedly with a Bavarian flavour through the KIESELMANN company history.

Then Klaus Dohle came back on stage with Pascal Bühler from the KIESELMANN Works Council and Rieger Behälterbau managing director Dan Mayer. After three hearty blows with a mallet later, they made the announcement: “O‘ zapft is!” The Tegernseer beer barrel was tapped and began to flow, and at the buffet there were Bavarian delicacies such as ox on a spit, grilled chicken and herb cheese knöpfle prepared by KIESELMANN canteen chef Wolfgang Wittig. “Die Steinsberger” group provided a proper, musical background. The musicians, who had already created a great atmosphere at the Munich Oktoberfest and the Cannstatter Wasen, played rocking folk music. And everyone boisterously celebrated into the night.

As a farewell, the guests even received small gifts. For the women there was a gingerbread heart with the inscription “Kieselmann mog Di” (Kieselmann loves you); for the gentlemen a specially labelled bottle of Kieselmann jubilee beer.

80 years of KIESELMANN artwork
Great fun and creative contributions were provided by the “KIESELMANN Painting Campaign. The guests at the celebration were invited to paint 20 x 20 cm large canvases. 400 of these artistically designed tiles were put together after the celebration to form a 10 m x 1.60 m artwork and hung in the new KIESELMANN company restaurant. The trick is that some tiles were prepared with a foil, which was later removed and the company motto “passion for quality” magically appeared on the artwork.

More photos of the anniversary celebration can be found on our Facebook page: just click here.