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9th “Training Day” with KIESELMANN

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On Friday, 24 November 2017, the apprentices and dual-study students from the companies KIESELMANN, RIEGER Behälterbau and Guth Ventiltechnik met for the ninth “Training Day” at KIESELMANN in Knittlingen. After a warm welcome by Lena Lotspeich, trainer at KIESELMANN, and a short round of introductions, KIESELMANN managing director Klaus Dohle presented the KIESELMANN Fluid Process Group.

Then the participants visited the new company canteen with a simulation game on the subject of bridge construction. The apprentices were divided into five groups and given the task of building a bridge out of paper and adhesive tape which could carry a 1 kg toy car. Teamwork was a must. The apprentice teams scrambled, tested, rejected and rebuilt. The five bridges were then given the final test and scored.

After a group picture, the participants went to Landau with their packed lunches to visit the Guth company. Then the bus drove to the Hoepfner brewery in Karlsruhe. The apprentices learned there about the different steps of brewing beer. At the end there was a small beer tasting and a delicious dinner in the Hoepfner Burghof. At 7.30 pm everyone returned to Knittlingen in a good mood. That ended the exciting 2017 “Training Day”.