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Also in the training: A passion for quality

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Knittlingen, 08 September 2017: We had all our new apprentices in-house for the first time this week. 10 young people took their first steps into their professional lives at KIESELMANN. We are excited to receive a male and a female industrial clerk apprentice and a technical product designer, two budding industrial machinists and two plant machinists, and three trainees who are pursuing a career as a cutting machine operator.

The day started with a factory tour and a friendly “Hello and warm welcome” for our future colleagues. Their mentors were already on hand to help and advise their apprentices on the first day. The KIESELMANN “apprentice partnership” makes advance apprentices into contacts for new apprentices.

We are curious about how these “KIESELMANN godfathers and godmothers” will be received this year. The “new” and “old” apprentices already had great exchanges on the first day. We wish all trainees a good start. Welcome to the team!