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Opportunities for advancement: FV Knittlingen and KIESELMANN cooperate

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On Thursday, 26 April 2017, FV Knittlingen was our guest.

It all began at 6:00 pm with a short welcome speech from KIESELMANN HR Manager Lena Lotspeich in the company restaurant. 11 A and B youth players, coaches and club officials as well as interested parents received an invitation. Lena Lotspeich presented the company and the commercial and occupational training at the Knittlinger family business to the players. Instructors from various departments accompanied the players during the tour of the factory and introduced them to the workplaces and areas of activity. There is a wide range of training options: from plant machinists to industrial clerk to cutting machine operator, there is something for everyone. After the tour, KIESELMANN chef Wolfgang Wittig served everyone present.

The motto of the evening was: Success as a team. The players and instructors at KIESELMANN exchanged views on team spirit and fair play. They quickly found the similarities between sports and education together. Both in education and on the football field, there are rules that are important in order to create fairness and equal opportunities. This resulted in interesting discussions, in which all present took active part. It was agreed that a team grows together if you have common goals. The cup, the successful degree, the promotion, hiring after the end of the training.

KIESELMANN is proud of its high hiring ratio. “Our continuous growth enables us to hire our apprentices after training into a permanent employment relationship”, said HR Manager Lena Lotspeich. And we want to continue this high hiring ratio. “Of course, this also requires that our apprentices complete their training successfully and remain loyal to us”, explained Lena Lotspeich. For this reason, in addition to an attractive training position, the company also offers a wide range of benefits.

The FV Knittlingen not only offers its players perspectives in sports with this cooperation, but also supports them in the search for training positions. After an enthusiastic reception about training and football, the FV players and the KIESELMANN team parted ways around 8 pm with a friendly: “Goodbye”. FV Knittlingen executive Marcus Egler thanked KIESELMANN for the invitation and the nice exchange, and Lena Lotspeich also thanked the players and their companions for their interest.

More pictures of the evening can be found on our Facebook page: Link