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Visit from Russia: 3 days with a full programme

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From 19 to 21 June, KIESELMANN GmbH and KIESELMANN RUS welcomed a delegation of Russian dairy specialists and offered them an informative programme on valve technology.

Factory tours, product presentations and exciting customer projects were on the agenda for three days. The colleagues at KIESELMANN RUS greeted the 30-member specialist group on Monday afternoon at Munich Airport. From there, they went to Nuremberg. A guided tour of the picturesque old town and a dinner together set the mood for the participants during the coming day.

The following morning, they departed at 8:00 am to Schwarzenfeld for a visit of theprivate dairy Bechtel. The company, founded in 1908, is one of the largest and most important dairies in Germany. With leak-proof double-seat valves and the aseptic GEMBRA valves from KIESELMANN, the private dairy Bechtel in Schwarzenfeld processes more than one million kilos of milk a day.
In the afternoon, they went to Knittlingen and finished their day near the KIESELMANN headquarters at the winery Häusermann in Diefenbach. They talked at a convivial barbecue about their impressions of the past few days and learned more about Knittlinger valve technology from KIESELMANN sales manager Dieter Biszwurm.

Then they were welcomed at KIESELMANN on Wednesday. The KIESELMANN sales team welcomed the Russian dairy specialists and led them through various departments, such as manufacturing, final assembly and system construction.

They set off again after the factory tour. Their destination was the private brewery Doppelleu in Winterthur, Switzerland. The fully automated storage cellar of the Swiss craft beer brewer is one of KIESELMANN’s latest prestige projects. All parts of the imposing glass construction were executed by members of the KIESELMANN Fluid Process Group: Kieselmann GmbH produced the valves and pipes, Rieger Behälterbau supplied the tanks, AquaDuna equipped the tanks with cleaning nozzles and the Kieselmann Anlagenbau team designed and managed the entire project. A tour through the storage cellar successfully concluded the informative and entertaining short visit of the Russian dairy delegation.

You can see more photos of the three-day excursion on our Facebook page: Click here