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Celebratory finish for the anniversary year

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On 15 December 2017, the management and the works council at KIESELMANN invited employees to the end of the year party. At 5:30 pm, the Knittlinger Stadthalle filled up with company employees. When KIESELMANN managing director Klaus Dohle welcomed the party in the early evening, every seat in the hall was filled: “Dear colleagues and shareholders. We have another year of records behind us. I would like to thank you for that. KIESELMANN stands for innovation, punctual delivery reliability and quality. This is also reflected in our new motto: Passion for quality

A great year
The Knittlinger companies KIESELMANN GmbH, KIESELMANN Anlagenbau GmbH and KIESELMANN Pharmatec GmbH jointly generated an annual turnover of 70 million euros. The Fluid Process Group recorded a turnover of 180 million euros. The component area alone gained a remarkable 15 percent last year. “Kieselmann Pharmatec” had the largest single contract of the past financial year at seven million euros. The largest single investment in the history of the company was also made this year. KIESELMANN invested around eight million euros in a new office and production building with a floor area of 3,000 square metres. Another five million were provided for machinery and equipment. This investment was also a sign of loyalty to the location. Another sign was the 20 new jobs that the company created in 2017 in Knittlingen alone.

Anniversaries and farewells
Following his speech, Klaus Dohle together with Josef Beisel from the works council and HR officer Lena Lotspeich honoured the anniversaries for 2017. Norbert Schmid, Heinrich Wirth, Patrick Wiegand, Klaus-Jürgen Platzer, Erik Hartmann, Ulrike Bischoff, Alexander Hauser, Hartmut Schreiber, Marcel Jordan, Sven Nelson, Benno Brauer, Alexander Kelsch and Markus Bohner were honoured for a decade at KIESELMANN. Norbert Vieback, Dietmar Ballier and Walter Reimer have been working for the company for 25 years. Wolfgang Scherer and Egon Schneider, who had been loyal to the company for 40 years, and Robert Hauser, Dieter Götting, Angelina Weber and Helmut Löffler retired. After the joyous and appreciative applause was received by the pensioners and those celebrating their anniversaries, it became quiet in the Knittlinger Stadthalle. And Klaus Dohle and everyone present said goodbye to Harald Ullmann. He worked for 18 years in the company and died on the night of 10 to 11 December 2017 completely unexpectedly at the age of 61.

One year behind 24 doors
Following the honouring of employees, Klaus Dohle thanked the shareholders Karen Helms-Kieselmann, Rosemarie Zitsch and Renate Dohle for the trust placed in him. Then he opened the buffet. After the culinary break, the annual trainee presentation was next on the programme. The review of the year , which was created this year by Romy Kauselmann and Victoria Salzgeber, had numerous laughs, groans and happy memories in store. The PowerPoint presentation was set up as an advent calendar with a corporate event from the past year hidden behind each of the 24 doors: International trade fair appearances, employee health management campaigns, the demolition of the old pipe storage and canteen, and of course the 80th anniversary. Just over four weeks have passed since the anniversary celebration on November 11th. With a hearty Oktoberfest, the company celebrated eight decades of KIESELMANN and the inauguration of the new production and office building. “Let's celebrate Kieselmann!” said Klaus Dohle about the anniversary celebration in his end-of-the-year speech.

The 25th door
The 25th door was a surprise of the evening . Behind it, there was a pointed video clip dedicated to Klaus Dohle. He was honoured that evening for 25 years as managing director. The mechanical engineer joined the company in 1988 and took over management on 1 March 1992. In the following quarter century, he rebuilt, expanded and brought the company to new heights. Dan Mayer, managing director at Rieger Behälterbau, made a speech and recalled a saying that Klaus Dohle had made his motto: You always have to eat and drink. It is a guiding principle by which Klaus Dohle manoeuvred the company producing process components and process equipment for the food and beverage industry, even through the stormy financial changes of the global economic crisis. After honouring the managing director, the apprentices had another surprise in store: The KIESELMANN “Christmas Blockbuster” 2017. In recent weeks, the apprentices have been travelling to all departments of the company with a camera and a microphone to spontaneously capture a few “Christmas statements”, poems, songs and wish lists. They put together the responses in a movie that brought a lot of laughs and great applause. It was also the ideal transition to the lively part of the evening. Having previously seen the colleagues on the screen singing Christmas carols, you could now see them dancing. Everyone danced to a colourful music mix by the DJ with a cocktail in their hand until well after midnight under the disco ball.