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Günter Plag: the HR manager says goodbye

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For almost fifty years he was the heart of the human resources department at KIESELMANN. He had his last day of work on 16 February 2018. After 48 years, Günter Plag is now entering his well-deserved retirement. The native Knittlinger has helped shape the company through his style. He is one of those people you would call “original” . It’s hard to describe, you had to experience him. And everyone just likes like him. “Der Günter” was appreciated by everyone. He approached his work as if it were a Udo Lindenberg song: he did his thing. And he did his job really well: professionally, humanly and with the instincts needed to make personnel decisions.

There is still a lot to say and to praise, but Günter Plag never liked to make a big deal about himself. So we will keep it short and say: Thank you, Günter Plag!