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The atmospheric end of a successful year

In the early evening of 14.12.2018 the December wind carried a cheerful babble of voices across the forecourt of the Knittlinger Stadthalle. The interior of the festively decorated multi-purpose hall was already filled with KIESELMANN employees. The management and the works council of the company had invited to the annual celebration in 2018. In his welcoming address, Managing Director Klaus Dohle spoke of another labour-intensive year of success. He praised the dedication of the staff, to whom it was thanks that one could once again draw such a successful balance. In the past twelve months, the number of employees in Knittlingen had risen from 347 to 377. The KIESELMANN Fluid Process Group has also grown: the company Gross Behälterbau GmbH in Steißlingen on Lake Constance. KIESELMANN has had another record year. The company was able to achieve its sales targets early on and even surpass them in the year ahead. In Knittlingen alone, KIESELMANN recorded a turnover high of 70 million euros. Within the entire Fluid Process Group (FPG), 180 million euros were achieved.

Largest single order
Last year's highlight was the "Expansion of the fermentation and storage cellar" project at the Königs Pilsener Brewery in Duisburg. An impressive project by the company KIESELMANN Anlagenbau, in which almost 1,000 valves from Knittlingen are installed. The project is the largest single order in the company's history to date. "Despite Brexit chaos, international conflicts of action and timid economic forecasts, we at KIESELMANN are optimistic. We also expect full capacity utilization in 2019," Klaus Dohle concluded his global analysis. In 2019, the company is investing 3.5 to 4 million euros, including in the expansion of its high-bay warehouse. In this context, Klaus Dohle expressed his special thanks to the shareholders who approved these funds.

Investments pay off
By 2017, the shareholders had already released 7 million euros for the new production hall with canteen and offices. This largest single investment has already paid off. Final assembly was relocated to the new hall. The canteen is also always well frequented. A fact that is not least due to the cooking skills of canteen boss Wolfgang Wittig. He was also responsible for the refinements of this evening's festive menu. But before Klaus Dohle opened the buffet, the jubilarians of the year were honoured.

Honours and farewells
Noreen Weinmann, Philipp Sedello, Fabio Paese, Marina Jenner, Sebastian Marquart, Oliver Stezelberger, Marc Traub, Dominic Rieth and Timo Pirchmoser were awarded for 10 years of service. Gerhard Zymla has been with the company for 25 years. Werner Nitsch and Lucie Dürr received an honorary certificate from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for 40 years of loyalty to the company. Jürgen Dähne, Roland Kratzmeier, Albert Bajas, Miftar Gashi, Edwin Beisel, Klaus Kehrer and Günter Plag retired. "As a future-oriented company, we are grateful for any kind of stability and continuity. We are proud of our traditionally low fluctuation and the above-average length of service of you, our employees," Klaus Dohle addressed his words to those celebrating the anniversary. After the honours of the anniversary celebrants, Klaus Dohle opened the festive buffet.

Strong team
The KIESELMANN tradition also includes a short presentation of the first year trainees and a review of the year compiled by trainees. A joyful reminiscence and hearty laughter of the KIESEL men and women accompanied the review of the year. Also during the following dance performance of the trainees no eye remained dry. The trainees heated up the invited guests to the soccer hit "Waka Waka" by the Colombian singer Shakira. Now it was time for the employees to swing their dancing legs. The DJ played the first party hits and the bartenders mixed alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The seats were quickly emptied and the dance floor filled with the good-humoured KIESELMANN staff, who danced in the disco light until well after midnight. When the lights went on again in the Festhalle, everyone agreed: This was a celebration worthy of a successful year.

You can see more photos of the celebration on the KIESELMANN Facebook page: Please click here.