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KIESELMANN: Fit from A to Z

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That means: Practice makes perfect. And starting a few weeks ago that also means the experts are doing the practising with us. For example, Edgar Kratzmeier, an industrial master craftsman. He shows how fit the KIESELMANN final assembly is together with his team.

A jolt has gone through the company every Tuesday from 9:45 am starting two weeks ago. That’s when the KIESELMANN team stretches and bends under the guidance of coaches from Rehactiv Bretten GmbH. The 15-minute fitness exercises break through the usual movement sequences, mobilise your joints and place demands on different body parts. “Our activities combine fitness with fun. With the support of Rehactiv, we make a great contribution to employee health and promote general well-being,,” says KIESELMANN managing director Klaus Dohle. The motto of the exercises: ABC's of fitness. Every exercise unit is represented by one letter of the alphabet. For example, a “T” is formed when stretching the arms at a 90 degree angle to the torso.

In the past few weeks we have gone through the letters M T I O N A V. If you put them in the right order, they make a certain word. Do you have any idea what word it might be? Write your solution to social@kie7rht6se+tde7lmann.de or as a comment under the Facebook post “KIESELMANN: Fit from A to Z”. We will raffle a KIESELMANN T-Shirt on uesday, 18 July 2017 among the participants who tell us the right answer by 17/07/17 at 17:07. A little hint: Some letters appear twice in the solution word. Have fun guessing!

Update 19 July 2017: The raffle is over; the winner has been drawn!
Won by Ms Bettina Neumann. We sincerely congratulate her and hope that Ms Neumann is happy about her brand new KIESELMANN T-Shirt. You can watch the drawing of the winner in our Facebook video. Just click here.