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KIESELMANN Kickers: Brilliant parades and late goals

On Friday, September 7th, the KIESELMANN company football team competed in the local derby at the Weisach Stadium in Knittlingen. The friendly match against the Neumo company has been an integral part of the Knittlingen Sports Festival for years.

When the game was kicked off at 6 pm, numerous colleagues had already mixed among the spectators to cheer on the KIESELMANN Kickers. Our 16 man strong squad was hungry for victory and sent a highly motivated starting eleven to the field. Even the Neumo team presented itself in the first half of the game strong and defensive. So the KIESELMANN Kickers could not reward themselves with a goal despite good passes, passionate runs and playful cleverness. But not only the attack was ambitious, also the defense was closed and prevented that Neumo came to the end.

Half time: 0:0. Kick-off for the second half and appearance of Fatih Yesildag. The KIESELMANN goalkeeper parried a penalty and flew and hechtete from one brilliant parade to the next. After the penalty our team got new wind. Jens Schabinger, who had spent the first half coaching at the edge of the field, changed, took a heart and scored a dream goal to 1:0 by long-range shot. Why not immediately so, thought Andre Link and shot shortly afterwards the 2-0 winning goal.

A successful interplay. Also new players, like Julian Stimpfl, were immediately integrated into the team and showed full commitment. The morning before the match, Julian Stimpfl had taken part in the introductory event for new trainees and had met some of his teammates for the first time during the company tour. We think such a victory is a good start to training for a prospective industrial clerk. We wish him and all the new trainees further victories and congratulate our KIESELMANN Kickers on their great team performance.