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KIESELMANN Kickers: New jerseys, old strength

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The KIESELMANN company team: Lucas Eisenmann, Anton Antemirow, Mona Müller, Julian Frick, Reto Appenzeller, Tilo Oehme, Alexander Neff, Jens Schabinger, Klaus Dohle (standing from left to right). Christian Hidalgo, Simon Röhm, Michael Becker, Slavisa Vasiljevic, Marko Milosev, Haji Kheder, Daniel Hidalgo (kneeling from left to right).

On Friday, 1 September, the Kieselmann company football team played against the Neumo company team at the Weisach Stadium in Knittlingen. The friendly game between the two companies has been an integral part of the Knittlinger Sportfest for years.

Due to an injury, Neumo was only able to play with nine men that afternoon. So the Kieselmann team turned its starting lineup of eleven into nine and the game was able to start at 6:00 pm. Just in time for kick-off, numerous spectators gathered on the sidelines to cheer on their own team. And the match started at a high speed. Christian Hidalgo, who had his first working day at Kieselmann that day, celebrated his debut with the first goal of the day. So after just 10 minutes it was 1:0 for Kieselmann. Ten minutes later, Marko Milosev fired a long-range shot that went into the upper right corner. An absolute dream goal.

Then the Neumo Nine started to catch up. A beautiful one-man effort in the 25th minute led to 2:1. The game had become tense again. Shortly before the end of the first half, the open spaces that resulted from the reduced number of players became even clearer. The open game mainly benefited the ball- facing players. The fourth goal of the game was preceded by nice dribbling by Lucas Eisenmann. The Kieselmann player left his opponent behind and placed the ball in the Neumo goal with a strong right-foot shot. The half-time whistle sounded shortly after that.

In the second half, the two teams played nice football again but couldn’t reward themselves and the audience with more goals. Shortly before the final whistle, there was a passionate, fair closing phase with some good scoring chances on both sides. But this could not shake the final result: Kieselmann 3:1.

It was also clear after the final whistle that the match was all about fun and fair-play. The two teams complimented each other; there were handshakes and friendly words – the only thing missing was a jersey exchange. “Our jerseys are brand new; it’s our first time wearing them”, said Kieselmann Captain Jens Schabinger, and added with a mischievous smile: “We think they look great. Otherwise, we might have considered a jersey exchange.” Not only were the new jerseys well-received, the team spirit and the atmosphere in the team were excellent. Everyone enjoyed a great mood and nice end to a day of football at the FV Knittlingen festival tent.

We’ve uploaded more photos of the game on Facebook: Please click here