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KIESELMANN players and the Neff vs. Neff duel

  • KIESELMANN vs. Neff 2018
  • KIESELMANN vs. Neff 2018

Last Friday, 18 May, the KIESELMANN company football team played against the Neff company team in the Talbach Stadium of the TSV 1891 Rinklingen. The start was at 7:00 pm, and from the start the KIESELMANN Kickers had the ball under control. However, the team failed to exploit the first good opportunities. A shot by Patrick Dolt broke the spell and gave KIESELMANN a 1-0 lead.

The tempo increased and every ball was won and defended in the best football weather. Many passionate duels called the referee to the scene. So the first goal for the Neff team was also a penalty. In the second half of the game, there was another penalty in favour of the Brettener and thus a direct duel of Neff against Neff. Substitute KIESELMANN goalkeeper Alexander Neff lost out and Neff's penalty-taker shot the ball safely in the goal. Once again, the referee had to call a penalty. Patrick Dolt stood for KIESELMANN, kept his nerve and kicked the ball safely in the Neff goal.

The KIESELMANN Kickers scored four more goals in the game, leaving it at 6-2 for the final whistle. A great result for the KIESELMANN 11. In the end, Patrick Dolt and Pascal Legner had two goals each. Christian Hidalgo and KIESELMANN captain Jens Schabinger hit the scoresheet with one goal. Despite the three penalised fouls, the game was characterised by a fair, sporting competition. This was also reflected in the handshakes and congratulations exchanged after the game.

More photos of the game can be seen on our Facebook page: please click here.