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KIESELMANN ski weekend in Damüls 2017

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Friday 17 March 2017, Knittlingen, local time 5:45 am. A group of men and women gather at dawn in front of the KIESELMANN administration building with winter sports equipment. The annual KIESELMANN ski weekend is coming up.

Ready to go at 6:00 am: The bus is packed with skis, snowboards and a good-humoured KIESELMANN team on their way to Damüls. The event will take place again in the Austrian Vorarlberg region for the fifth time. Damüls is a community of 300 residents with about 2000 guest beds. The Faschina-Damüls-Mellau ski area covers 109 kilometres of slopes.

Some ride “blue” and others black
After a five-hour bus ride and a champagne breakfast, the good-humored KIESELMANN travel group arrives at the Damüls valley station. The lift takes you to the Berggasthof Elsenalpstube inn at 1850 m altitude. The group’s accommodation for the next two nights. They move into the rooms quickly and throw on their ski gear. Now let’s hit the slopes!

The beginners head to the runway marked inblue. The veterans tackle the challenging, black piste with a faster pace. If that's not enough adventure, skiers can make their way off the piste, past snow-covered conifers, down into the valley. In the late afternoon, the KIESELMANN team meets again for aprés-ski on the sun terrace of the inn. Time flies and a convivial evening turns into a long night full of hearty laughter with an exuberant mood.

Great mood - for everyone except Petrus
Petrus checks the bill for the skiers on Saturday morning. It started raining in the valley and snowing at the height of the Elsenalpstube during the night. Only a few brave souls venture cautiously on to the slopes, only to return shortly afterwards completely wet. They meet the damp, cold weather with unenthusiastically in the afternoon. But the bar and the view of the breathtaking mountain panorama quickly raise the mood barometer again. After their dinner together, the mood reaches another high - and stays there until the early morning hours. Sunday is not a sunny day, but at least it has stopped snowing. They can hit the slopes again under a clear sky. So they enjoy somefun skiing again before heading home. See you in 2018 Damüls!

You can see more photos of the KIESELMANN ski weekend on our Facebook page: Click here