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Living history: Third KIESELMANN pensioners meeting

  • KIESELMANN RentnerInnen 2018
  • KIESELMANN RentnerInnentreffen 2018
  • KIESELMANN RentnerInnen Treffen 2018

On Friday, 20 July 2017, KIESELMANN managing director Klaus Dohle welcomed former employees to the third KIESELMANN alumni meeting.. Among the numerous guests of honour were KIESELMANN shareholders Rosemarie Zitsch and Renate Dohle. "It's nice to see so much lively KIESELMANN history”, said Klaus Dohle. Former members who recently retired from the company took part in the day of recognition as well as those whose last working days were in the 1990s.

In the new company canteen, they were served a hearty “Weißwurst breakfast” with pretzels, Leberkäs, Obazda, beer and soft drinks. It was proper fortification for taking a tour together with Klaus Dohle through the past KIESELMANN year. The building complex where the meeting took place was inaugurated in late 2017. The pensioners had just visited the building shell last year. Now they sat in the inviting company canteen and marvelled at the machinery of the new production hall and the offices of Pharmatec GmbH. The two production managers Dietmar Kappus and André Becker and Pharmatec managing director René Schuler led the alumni through the premises in three groups.

Following the company tour, Christian Ernst, senior project manager for large-scale brewing projects at KIESELMANN Anlagenbau, presented the Doppelleu Braukeller Virtual Reality Experience. It offered an animated 360-degree tracking shot through the fully glazed fermenting cellar of the Swiss Craft Beer Brewer. The imposing system was planned by KIESELMANN Anlagenbau and implemented with components from the FLUID PROCESS GROUP. “It is crazy what you can do now. It was a very special experience” said a spectator about the presentation.

After all the new impressions, the pensioners could exchange their thoughts over coffee and cake in a relaxed way. A lot of laughter and memories of old times at the KIESELMANN Kaffeeklatsch: There were very personal KIESELMANN stories, which formed a colourful mosaic of the company.

You can see more photos of the third KIESELMANN pensioners meeting on Facebook: Please click here.