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Take care, Günter!

  • Gruppenbild mit Günter

For more than four decades he was the heart of the KIESELMANN HR department.

After 48 years, Günter Plag is now entering his well-deserved retirement. The company officially bid him farewell on 7 March at the Leadership Event at Palazzo Mannheim. “Thank you very much for what you have done over the years for KIESELMANN. It's hard to let you go”, said KIESELMANN managing director Klaus Dohle to the guest of honour that evening.

Günter Plag joined KIESELMANN in 1969 and graduated in 1972 with an industrial management degree. His expert and cordial manner paved the way for him to the position of HR manager. “There were difficult decisions, but also many beautiful ones - like the radiant faces of those who had just signed their employment contract”, recalled Günter Plag about the past 48 years at KIESELMANN.

In the 1980s KIESELMANN still had only 160 employees. Today, 2018, it has more than twice as many: 347 employees. The hiring ratio of 100% for apprentices who are looking for a career at KIESELMANN after completing their training is also an important calling card of the company, which the former HR manager helped to shape. “I learned a lot from Günter and I will miss his heartfelt and attentive approach. I'm stepping in to fill some very big shoes. But I'm looking forward to it”, said the new HR manager Lena Lotspeich.