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Convincing quality: from Knittlingen to Hefei (China)

  • KIESELMANN China-Delegation2017 01-w2

The late summer sun sets the stage for a small group in front of the main entrance of our headquarters on Sunday, 17 September 2017, 3:00 pm. Together with KIESELMANN sales manager Dieter Biszwurm and Ying Sun from the Chinese KIESELMANN office, the Chinese delegation from Hefei posed for a souvenir photo on the entrance staircase. KIESELMANN customers from the People’s Republic of China drove directly from Frankfurt airport to Knittlingen to find out about the innovations and growth in our company.

Immediately after the group picture was taken, Dieter Biszwurm led the delegation through the KIESELMANN production areas. He informed the visitors about new and proven production methods and introduced them to the way we work at Knittlingen. After the company tour, we passed by the shell of the new office and production building into the KIESELMANN training room. In a short, entertaining presentation, the sales manager illustrated the growth of recent years and the pillars on which it is based: top quality and a motivated and dedicated team.

At the end of the informative day, the visited the “Zum Hirsch” restaurant in Bretten. The spoke for a long time over great home cooking about the differences and similarities between the Chinese and the German markets as well as future challenges. The evening at the restaurant brought an end to the short visit, which was very interesting for the visitors as well as for us.