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Quality in focus: International Sales Days 2017

  • internat-schulung-2017

This year’s International Sales Days took place from 17 to 20 July. Our distribution partners from France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, Turkey, Canada, Mexico and the USA came to Knittlingen to learn about the new features and proven strengths of the KIESELMANN portfolio. Colleagues from Kieselmann France, Carein, Denwel, SKS, Aegir, Platek, Difusa, Aston Technology and Rodger Industries attended numerous presentations on the technical refinements and customer benefits of KIESELMANN products.

Development Manager Uwe Heisswolf designed the start of the training programme. He talked about disc valves, ball valves, the resistance of sealing materials, as well as new developments in the field of single seat and control valves. He then presented the competitive advantages of aseptic GEMBRA valves. After that much “brain food,” everyone’s stomach in the auditorium was growling. Thankfully the growling subsided during a leisurely dinner at the “Brettener Hundle” restaurant.

On Wednesday morning, KIESELMANN Sales Manager Dieter Biszwurm and Development Manager Uwe Heisswolf welcomed the international audience with a friendly “Good Morning, Ladies and Gentlemen”. Uwe Heisswolf devoted the morning to the strengths of the KIESELMANN double-seat and leakage disc valves, as well as the history and development of the seat valves. After the lunch break, the head of development presented some of KIESELMANN’s milestones in valve technology. He compared them with the corresponding customer benefits and provided sales pitches for the current product range. He then spoke about safety valves, cleaning technology, the new overflow valves and the correct handling of bung valves. In the evening, the Schweizer Hof restaurant in Bretten provided for the physical well-being of the participants and speakers.

The third and last day of the international product training was dedicated to learning by doing. The contents that had been provided over the past days were applied in practical exercises. Alexander Hauser, Pascal Legner and Michael Huber assisted the international guests with help and advice as production professionals. Together they assembled and disassembled valves, changed gaskets and operated control heads. It was an exciting and informative look into the heart of KIESELMANN technology.

At the end of the three-day training programme, the international company met on Thursday evening at the Bona restaurant in Diedelsheim. They exchanged views on the new products and features until late at night, ending the International Sales Days 2017 in a relaxed atmosphere.