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“It was a nice time” - Second KIESELMANN pensioner meeting

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On Friday, 28 July 2017, KIESELMANN invited former employees to the second KIESELMANN meeting for alumni. Managing director Klaus Dohle welcomed the numerous guests of honour at 10:00 am. The KIESELMANN shareholders Renate Dohle and Rosemarie Zitsch also participated in the day of recognition and appreciation. “It’s nice to see so many decades of KIESELMANN employees assembled in one place”, says Klaus Dohle. Former members who left the company only a few weeks or months ago received an invitation as did those whose last working days date back to the 1990s.

Coffee and buttered pretzels were waiting in the training room for the invited guests: provisions for an entertaining journey through the company’s history. From the very beginning as a small contract manufacturing company to the current construction of the new production and office building, Klaus Dohle guided the participants through an eventful eight decades at KIESELMANN. Numerous major projects, new products and a sharper range of services promise further growth. The speed with which the company has changed over the past few years was clearly visible during the company tour. Some people could hardly recognise their old workstations.
At the beginning of the year, the last building from before 2000 was demolished, the former canteen and storage hall. Now the pensioners were able to have a look at the new building shell. The two-storey building offers space for the new company restaurant, several office rooms and a generous production area with expanded machinery. Plant manager Oliver Hecker and production manager Dietmar Kappus guided the alumni through the production and administration building in two groups.

They met at 1:00 pm for “Hungarian beef goulash with noodles” in the canteen chef Wolfgang Wittig’s domain. Anecdotes from some of the alumni also added some spice to the delicious lunch. The discussions at the table were marked by the joy ofreunited old acquaintances and small humorous bravura pieces from 80 years of KIESELMANN. Everyone brought their own personal KIESELMANN stories with them. There was a lot of laughter as well as reminiscing about those who could not be there that day.

The last programme point also provided for several humours moments with an entertaining tongue-in-cheek presentation of the past year. Marketing director Klaus Richter presented photos and events of the past 12 months to the attendees, underlining the feeling of togetherness: You are still part of the KIESELMANN family, and you will be kept informed about the current events. Afterwards, the participants sat down for coffee and cake for a while, talked about their impressions of the 2017 KIESELMANN alumni meeting and ended the day with a familial atmosphere.

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