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Great views: Leadership Event 2017

  • Fuehrungskreis 201705

On Monday, 27 March, KIESELMANN management invited people to the annual “Leadership Event”. The special thing about this evening event is that the leadership group members do not know where the event is taking place This year brought the leadership and their male or female companions to Stuttgart.

A travel bus brought the KIESELMANN team directly to the landmark of Baden-Württemberg's state capital, the TV tower. The 217-metre high building was inaugurated in 1956 as the world’s first television tower. They went to the viewing platform, located at an altitude of 150 metres, after visiting the tower. There was a magnificent view from there - far beyond the borders of the Kesselstadt. The visitors then took their seats at “Leonhardts” restaurant at the foot of the tower.

In addition to an excellent four-course menu, there was also an entertaining, theatrical supporting programme. The actors mingled with the guests and restaurant service staff, breaking the evening into entertaining episodes with word and song duets.

Later in the evening there was another opportunity to drive to the viewing platform. “Such a great view. The sea ​​of ​​lights in Kesselstadt was the highlight of the evening for me,” says KIESELMANN marketing director Klaus Richter. It was a successful event that brought the team closer together with a lot of laughter.

The management thanked the leadership team for the successes of the past 12 months with this special surprise evening.