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On beer and skis: Brewers push to the finish in lines here

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Ski enthusiasts from the brewing guild met again this year to compete in the giant slalom in the Brewery Ski Cup from 27 to 29 January. Over 200 participants took part in the XIV Brewery Ski Cup in Rettenberg. This included a four-member KIESELMANN team and a “ski quartet” from Rieger Behälterbau.

The KIESELMANN team showed up in good spirits on the piste and barely left a spot unfilled on the podium. Dressed in chic blue KIESELMANN jackets and signal-red trousers, the team headed by managing director Klaus Dohle mastered the giant slalom skilfully and secured fourth place. The second team from the FLUID PROCESS GROUP (FPG), Rieger Behälterbau, also made it into the top five of in the sponsorship ranking.

After an entertaining Saturday evening with an award ceremony and atmospheric Brewers Olympiad, the eight FPG starters were unanimous in their opinion on Sunday morning: The Brewery Ski Cup 2017 was a great event. Everything was perfect again: From the excellent organisation, the fantastic weather and slope conditions to the entertaining supporting programme and the great atmosphere in the team. So the Brewery Skip Cup remains a welcome “must- attendevent.