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Werner Nitsch honoured for 40 years of service

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“40 years of service is no longer a matter of course nowadays. We are pleased and filled with pride to congratulate Mr Nitsch at what is still a young age. He continues the long series of KIESELMANN anniversaries in 2018. On behalf of the entire company, I would like to thank you for the past four decades, during which Mr Nitsch actively supported us”, said Klaus Dohle, managing director of KIESELMANN GmbH. And after 40 years, the 62-year-old is still staying with KIESELMANN. “I have decided to continue working for another 10 years”, said Nitsch. Klaus Dohle replied that he would be happy to announce that Mr. Nitsch was celebrating his 50th anniversary in 2028.

Werner Nitsch started working for KIESELMANN on 2 January 1978. Over the next 40 years, the trained retailer made his contribution to the company's growth and advancement. After the ceremony, he even went straight back to his workplace in the final assembly and mounted more stainless steel valves.

Werner Nitsch did not want to make a “big deal” about his 40 year anniversary with KIESELMANN. Quietly and gratefully, he accepted the honorary certificate of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the acknowledgements and congratulations of the management and HR department on 16 January 2018. “I think it's great that KIESELMANN appreciates the loyalty and dedication of its employees”, said Werner Nitsch, praising his employer.