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Wolfgang Scherer honoured for 40 years of service

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“Shipping is a demanding business. You can’t do this job so well for so long without having a big-picture view and the necessary organisational skills”, says Klaus Dohle, managing director of KIESELMANN GmbH, in his laudatory speech. The words were addressed to Wolfgang Scherer. The KIESELMANN shipping manager was honoured for his many years of service. The celebration took place on the evening of 3 April 2017, almost exactly 40 years after his first day at KIESELMANN. The management and the human resources department drew Wolfgang Scherer, his wife and companions from the daily routine of the shipping manager to the premises of the Weingärtnergenossenschaft Knittlingen.

Klaus Dohle opened the evening. He led the guests on an entertaining journey through “four decades of Wolfgang Scherer at KIESELMANN” in his speech. “A lot of things have changed. Today we ship our valves and equipment to about 60 countries with very different shipping regulations. But that also makes the work exciting and varied”, commented Wolfgang Scherer on the changes. Klaus Dohle praised the shipping manager for his logistical talent and handed him the honorary certificate of the IHK for 40 years of service. Even in hectic times, the shipping manager has always ensured that everything got to the customer on time, according to the KIESELMANN CEO. The Kieselmann works council also congratulated him for this achievement and his loyalty to the company. HR manager Günter Plag presented the trained retail merchant with a gift basket.

Kieselmann canteen chef Wolfgang Wittig was responsible for ensuring everyone’s physical well-being. He and his team served a multi-course holiday menu. The evening also offered many anecdotal treats in addition to the culinary delights. Numerous beautiful, funny and emotional moments from the professional life of Wolfgang Scherer were celebrated. The enthusiastic skier is also approaching the future in a sporting fashion: “I’m doing things like the great football players - I’m leaving now that I’ve achieved the goals I've set for myself professionally.” Wolfgang Scherer retires on 1 May 2017 after 40 years with Kieselmann.