• Water degassing

    Water degassing

    Let the air out safely

    Safe processes in breweries with water degassing technology from KIESELMANN

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Water Lye Acid


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Water degassing

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Safely dissipate dissolved gases from processes

Taste, stability and thus the durability of the end products are directly related to dissolved gases. Low oxygen content reduces oxidation. Our degassing systems gently reduce, for example, the oxygen content in the water or in juices. At the same time, condensers used for flavour recovery ensure excellent taste. This keeps valuable but volatile flavours intact. Our compact degassing systems are space-saving and can easily be integrated into existing systems.

Our thermal water degassing process heats the water to a temperature above the boiling point. This means that the oxygen contained in the water is no longer dissolved, but is present as bubbles. When the heated water relaxes in the degassing vessel, water vapour is formed, which also extracts the air bubbles. This type of degassing also frees the water from germs.


Advantages at a glance:

  • Thorough and safe water degassing



- butterfly valve with manual drive
- butterfly valve with pneumatic rotary actuator
- butterfly valve with pneumatic rotary actuator and control head KI-TOP