KIESELMANN Ball valves / Three-way ball valves


Ball valves / Three-way ball valves


KIESELMANN ball valves are the right choice for viscous and lumpy products.

The free and even passage is the perfect solution for sensitive media in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The hygienic KIESELMANN ball valves are piggable and dead space-free. In addition to passage ball valves and three-way ball valves, also ball valves with rinsing connections and heating jacket are available.

gap-free sealing of the housing
pressure shock resistant
automation option
heatable (option)
The modular system allows any time a quick and easy conversion from manual to pneumatic actuator with sensors or control head KI-top. Thus, the valves can be easily integrated into automated processes.



KIESELMANN Ball valve, manual

KIESELMANN Ball valve with pneumatic actuator
Ball valve, manual

Ball valve with
pneumatic actuator
KIESELMANN Three-way ball valves, manual  
Three-way ball valves,

Sizes DN 25-100

Materials in contact with product 1.4404 / AISI 316L

(SIP 140° C, 30 min.)

Surfaces in contact with product Ra < 0,8 μm, e-polished

Operating Pressure 16 bar (Through ball valve)
  10 bar (Three-way ball valves)

Vacuum 1,5 - 10-4 bar l/s


 Folder Shut-off devices



KIESELMANN ball valves have a gap-free housing sealing, here in a pigging plant.

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