• Hygienic pigging technology

    Hygienic pigging technology

    Save up to 80% water

    The duplex pigging technology from KIESELMANN offers you maximum efficiency when draining and cleaning piping systems.

Hygienic pigging technology

Thorough savings

At the heart of the KIESELMANN pigging systems is the patented KIESELMANN Duplex pig. Designed two-faced, it can drive the pipeline both forwards and backwards. By adjusting the preload, it can be configured exactly to the medium to be moved: For hygienic cleaning of piping systems. With a savings potential of up to 80% of conventional water consumption!

Our pigs can be easily moved via standard DIN elbows, T-pieces and ball valves, mix-proof double-seat valves and double-tube heat exchangers. The position of the pig can be recognised at any time in all parts of the system. This is ensured by a special magnet integrated into the pig.

Seamless integration

KIESELMANN duplex pigs are cast as seamless solid bodies made of elastomers. A closed transmitting and receiving station allows easy integration into the cleaning cycles.

We will gladly  assist you in converting your existing system to KIESELMANN duplex pigging technology.

• Careful "parking" of the pig when entering the stations by damper systems

• Cleaning-optimized flow guidance in the stations

• Pig sensors in the end positions or on the pipeline

• Sensor system for pig location

• Leakage protection between the product paths by KIESELMANN leakage butterfly valves

• Pigs traceable by means of product, water, air

• Can be upgraded at any time by using KIESELMANN automation components

• Closed transmitting and receiving station for integration in the cleaning cycles including steam sterilization

Technical data


DN 40-100

Pigging materials

EPDM (FDA), Silicone (FDA), Viton

Materials Stations

1.4404 / AISI 316L

Pressure stage

PN 10-16 depending on the nominal diameter


FDA approval