• Sustainability


    Our generational promise:

    Shaping the coexistence of man and nature. The environment as a partner in business decisions: That means sustainability for us.


Company and the Environment: Growth and preservation

Sustainable in togetherness: both dealing with our fellow human beings and also with the environment. Long-term relationships for long-term success.

Sustainability means taking responsibility here and now: with a forward-looking view That is why we constantly optimise our processes, adapt our environmental management to new challenges, and pave the way for future generations.

As a company with international ties, KIESELMANN has a special responsibility to work towards improving the global human rights situation along our supply chains. In doing so, we take care to maintain business relationships that are characterized by sustainable and social development.

Our generational promise:
  • Promoting and strengthening people
  • Resource-saving production
  • Growth in harmony with the environment and nature
  • Positively shaping the world of tomorrow

Our values