• Flash pasteurisation systems

    Flash pasteurisation systems

    Heated for a short time, durable for a long time

    KZE systems from KIESELMANN. Process control included and ready for connection, mounted on stainless steel frames.

Flash Pasteurisation System

Longer-lasting, germ-free and bacteria-free products

KIESELMANN short-time heating systems (KZE) increase the shelf life of food and beverages by pasteurisation. The short-time heating destroys yeast cells and microorganisms that alter or negatively affect the taste of a beverage. In order to avoid side effects of pasteurisation on taste and colour, our flash pasteurisation systems can be individually adapted to the reaction times of your products.

Talk to us: Our system experts and beverage technologists will be happy to help and advise you.

Ready for connection, mounted on stainless steel frames

KIESELMANN flash pasteurisation systems are available mounted on a stainless steel frame ready for connection, including process control. Depending on the requirements, the control is either semi-automatic or fully automatic with process visualisation. Integration into existing control systems is possible at any time through bus-compatible components.

The thermal treatment of food and drinks is for preservation and the safety of the consumer. Hygienic processes and intelligent technology are essential for this. Microbiologically sensitive products require careful handling. So you can rely on proven KIESELMANN technology right from the start.

• Increased shelf life

• Individually customisable response times

• Personal advice