• k-flex Seal system

    k-flex Seal system

    More than just a seal

    Only KIESELMANN offers valves and components with k-flex sealing elements.

k-flex Seal system

Uniquely durable

Seals must ensure trouble-free operation of the valves and connections at high loads. They are the most sensitive component. For this reason, the KIESELMANN development has researched and found an optimal material: the k-flex sealing material.

This material has a very high resistance even with aggressive media. Even higher temperatures, which are frequently used in CIP cleaning, cannot affect the material. When it comes to production safety and long maintenance intervals, it is clearly superior to conventional sealing materials.

Only KIESELMANN offers valves and components with these particularly robust and durable k-flex sealing elements. In conjunction with the aseptic retrofit kit from KIESELMANN, even conventional DIN 11851 fittings can be inexpensively and quickly converted into a sterile pipe connection - longevity included.


• Low sealing pressure required

• High resistance to temperature and aggressive media

• FDA compliant

• Due to excellent cleanability (anti-adhesive), suitable for aseptic use

• Considerably longer service life, resulting in longer maintenance intervals (lower costs due to production downtime)

• Very good resilience

• Uniform distribution of pressure on the seal circumference

Technical data


Food and Drug Administration (FDA)


Aggressive Media

Operating temperature:

95 °C (SIP 150 °C)