• Aseptic valves

    Aseptic valves

    Perfect Aseptic Design

    Even better without bellow seal! Uncompromising hygienic design combined with trendsetting hybrid technology.

Aseptic valves

Germs and impurities don’t stand a chance

Unbeatably aseptic! We have replaced the bellow seal with a diaphragm seal!

In order to process microbiologically sensitive products safely and aseptically in process systems, we have developed a series of aseptic valves. They combine hygienic design and forward-thinking hybrid technology.

Our aseptic valves stand for high-end stainless steel technology, excellent cleanability and a safe, long-lasting diaphragm seal. The aseptic valves are based on the geometric advantages of our proven seat valve technology. This includes freedom from cavities and optimal idling behaviour.

The dome-free and gap-free aseptic valve concept meets the strict requirements of hygienic design. All seals in contact with the product are made in our proven k-flex sealing material for the highest temperatures and aggressive media. The sealing system is characterised by a defined load and metallic stop in all components. The process reliability is maintained even at pressure peaks of up to 30 bar.

Our aseptic valves are available as single-seat valves, changeover valves, tank outlet valves and leak-proof double-seat valves in various nominal diameters.


• Level inner surface/excellent cleanability

• Safe leakage detection

• Shockproof up to 30 bar

• Simple, cost-effective seal replacement

• Metallic diaphragm support

• Anti-adhesive k-flex/PTFE (FDA compliant) sealing material



  • Aseptic changeover valve 5844 S-S-S
  • Aseptic tank outlet valve 5850 S
  • Aseptic tank outlet valve 5850 S-S
  • Aseptic double-seat valve 5824 SS-SS
  • Aseptic tank outlet double-seat valve 5859 S
  • Aseptic tank outlet double-seat valve 5859 S-S
  • Aseptic T-valve 5838 SS-S
  • Aseptic angle valve 5836 S-S

Technical data


DN 40–80

(Product-contacting) seals

k-flex PTFE (FDA compliant)

Membrane pressure resistance

maximum 30 bar


in product contact not in product contact

1.4404 / AISI 316L 1.4301 / AISI 304

Product-contacting surfaces

Ra < 0.8 µm e-polished

Product pressure valve functions

DN 40–65
DN 80

maximum 10 bar maximum 8 bar

Control air

5.5–8 bar

Product temperature

maximum 95°C

Ambient temperature

+4° to +45°C

Sterilization temperature

maximum 140 °C, 30 min.