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    Control valves

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Control valves

Exact process control

KIESELMANN control valves for liquids and gases regulate volume flows and pressures in process plants.

The selection of the appropriate valve type depends on the application. The space-saving and cost-effective butterfly valves with positioners are ideal for simple control tasks. For processes requiring high control accuracy, KI-DS single-seat control valves are the right choice

Interchangeable seat concept

KIESELMANN single-seat control valves are available in 1-, 2- and 3-stage versions and can also be configured as mixing and diverting valves. The seal variant can be easily changed from soft to metallic.

Thanks to the KIESELMANN interchangeable seat concept, the plug and seat can be exchanged in a few simple steps. For the greatest possible flexibility, flow coefficients from 0.2 m³/h to 160 m³/h can be adapted - without any complex conversion measures.

Butterfly valves with positioner: Space saving, cost-effective

Butterfly valves with positioner are the cost-effective solution for simple control tasks in piping systems. The valve is actuated and regulated by a digital electro-pneumatic positioner. The positioner, actuator and valve form a closed control loop.

• Three actuators with compatible connections

• Maintenance-free actuator with 5 years warranty

• Maintenance-friendly intermediate flange design

• Cost-effective

• Modularity

Single-seat control valves: Highly precise and modular

The versatile, hygienic single-seat control valves from KIESELMANN are available in linear and equal-percentage versions. They are based on our proven KI-DS valve concept and are suitable for sensitive production areas in the food and beverage industry. The modular design with the large nominal diameter range from DN 25 to DN 125 and the functionally graded flow coefficients offers maximum flexibility - and the right valve for every application.


High control accuracy and cavitation resistance

A major advantage of our control valves is the replaceable cone and valve seat. If the process conditions change, KIESELMANN control valves can be adapted quickly and easily - without having to replace the complete valve. Within a nominal diameter, the valves can be converted at any time to different flow coefficients, control characteristics and seal types. With nominal pressures of up to PN 16 as well as metallic and elastomeric sealing concepts, the valves enable safe and precise process control and sealing.

• Simple adaptation

• Flexible cone & replacement seat concept

• Elastomer sealing or metallic sealing

• Linear or equal-percentage control

Electropneumatic positioner


Positioners with M12 round plugs are available for all control valve types. The control range can be set on the positioner or in the higher-level control system.




  • KI-DS Control valve linear actuator 91XX S-S
  • KI-DS Control valve diaphragm actuator 91XX S-S
  • Right-angle flow control valve 91XX S-S
  • Butterfly control valve S-S

Technical data


DN 20–125, 1"–4"



120 °C, SIP 30 min
140 °C, SIP 30 min
140 °C, SIP 30 min
110 °C, SIP 30 min

Kv values

0.4 – 160 m³/h


in product contact

1.4404 / AISI 316L 1.4542 / AISI 630 17-4PH

Product-contacting surfaces

Ra ≤ 0.8 µm e-polished


- Diaphragm actuator - Lifting piston actuator

Operating pressure

PN 16

Control air

5.5-8 bar lower control air pressures on request

Operating temperature:

95 °C