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    The city of Faust and the fluid technology

    "Here I am human, here I may be" (Vers 940, Faust. A Tragedy, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)


A company, a city

KIESELMANN, we are firmly rooted in our hometown. Here in Knittlingen, we have grown from a small contract turning shop to an international company. And from here we are focusing on further growth.

On the edge of the Kraichgau, in the Stromberg recreation area, lies our hometown of Knittlingen, first documented in the year 843. The post has literally been leaving here since 1495 - in that year,  a post office opened its doors in Knittlingen, on the imperial postal route between Innsbruck and the Netherlands.

Are we or are we not, that is the question.

Is Knittlingen the birthplace of the magician and miracle healer Johann Georg Faust or not? The Knittlingers are sure that, yes, the alchemist, made world famous by Goethe, was born here.

We at KIESELMANN also keep to the words of Goethe's Faust: "Man is active only restlessly" - and remain restless in terms of first-class fluid technology.

We look forward to seeing you here in the Faust City of Knittlingen.


Stromberg recreation area

Faust museum

Historic timber-framed building