• Ball valves

    Ball valves

    A nice piece of work

    Strong, hygienic valve technology for processing viscous or particulate media: Ball valves from KIESELMANN.

Ball valves

Full passage for full success

KIESELMANN straight-way ball valves provide pipe-level, piggable passages for liquid, viscous and particulate  media. They are ideal for a wide range of applications: from syrups to highly sensitive pharmaceuticals. Our hygienic ball valves are also available with flushing connections and heating jacket.

3-way, 1 target: optimal media control

Safe, robust and flexible: Three-way ball valves from KIESELMANN offer you additional options for process control.

The best solution for every requirement. KIESELMANN 3-way ball valves are just as successful in the food industry  as they are in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

KIESELMANN ball valves are adaptable from the very beginning: our intelligent modular system makes it possible to easily switch from a manual drive to an automated, pneumatic drive at any time. The ball valves can be equipped with a sensor or control head.


• Pressure shock-resistant

• Optionally with flushing connections or heating jacket

• Piggable

• Gap-free housing seal

• Spring preloaded shaft seal

• Fully automatable PLC or ASI bus



  • Straight-way ball valve 4162 S-S
  • Straight-way ball valve Ri-Ri
  • Three-way ball valve 4031 G-G-G
  • Three-way ball valve 4131 G-G-G
  • Three-way ball valve 4032 K/M-G-G
  • Three-way ball valve 4132 K/M-G-G
  • Rinsing connection 4021
  • Three-way ball valve 3×small flange
  • Stainless steel heating jacket 4021
  • Three-way ball valve 3×PN 10
  • Straight-way ball valve 4062 S-S
  • Straight-way ball valve 4122 K/M-G
  • Straight-way ball valve 4125 S-S
  • Straight-way ball valve 4021 G-S
  • Straight-way ball valve 4121 G-G
  • Straight-way ball valve 4021 G-G
  • Straight-way ball valve 4025 S-S
  • Straight-way ball valve 4121 G-S
  • Straight-way ball valve 4022 K/M-G

Technical data


Ball valves Three-way ball valves

DN 25–100, 1"–4" DN 25–80



SIP 140 °C, 30 min
SIP 130 °C, 30 min
SIP 110 °C, 30 min
SIP 90 °C, 30 min


in product contact

1.4404 / AISI 316L

Product-contacting surfaces

Ra ≤ 0.8 µm e-polished


PDA 75 / PDA 100 / PDA 125

Operating pressure

Straight-way ball valve
Three-way ball valve

max. 16 bar

max. 10 bar

Control air

5.5–8 bar lower control air pressures on request

Operating temperature:

95 °C