• Pipe fittings

    Pipe fittings

    Perfectly shaped

    Pipe fittings in a wide variety of geometries: From bends, T-pieces and cross pieces to deflecting bends. We provide you with the highest quality.

Malleable pipe fittings

Stainless steel in top form

Everything fits together perfectly.

KIESELMANN produces high-quality food-grade tubes and offers  you the matching pipe fittings

Whether with welding connection, threads or conical nuts, choose the right parts for your piping system.

All components meet the highest requirements in terms of cleanliness and cleanability.

Many of our malleable pipe fittings are also available as sterile parts .

Highest quality for the production of high-quality media.

• Pipe bends 45° and 90°, DIN 11852/Inch

• T-bends / T-double bends / 180° bends / deflecting bends

• T-pieces DIN 11852/Inch

• Cross pieces DIN 11852

• Reducing pieces, concentric and eccentric DIN 11852

• Sterile bends 45° and 90°, DIN 11852 with orbital welding end, Hygiene class H2

• Sterile T-pieces DIN 11865 with orbital welding end, hygiene class H2