• Pressure compensation valves

    Pressure compensation valves

    For optimal system pressure

    No opportunity for overpressure & underpressure

The best way to release pressure

KIESELMANN pressure compensation valves are ideal for airing and venting tanks and containers automatically.

You can rely on proven over- and underpressure protection: Our pressure compensation valves are already successfully in use in numerous plants in the beverage and food industries, the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, and also in biotechnology.

The pressure compensation valve has the function of preventing unacceptable pressure overrun of gaseous media in tanks, containers and system segments.

How it works with over- and underpressure:

Overpressure: Generally, the set pressure is greater than the operating pressure. The valve opens against the spring force when the operating pressure has increased to the set pressure. With an increase in pressure analogous to the opening characteristic, the flow rate is constantly dissipated depending on the maximum permissible operating pressure.

Underpressure: The valve opens against the spring force at a pressure difference of 0.05 bar to atmospheric pressure. The flow rate is dependent on the absolute pressure.

• Compact and low maintenance

• Spring-resetting

• Automatic


Pressure compensation valves


  • Pressure compensation valve 6131
  • Pressure compensation valve 6132
  • Pressure compensation valve 6133
  • Pressure compensation valve 6135
  • Pressure and suction valve with rubber lip 6136

Technical data




Housing 1.4306


Rd 78 x 1/6"

Operating temperature:

max. 100 °C