• HGB systems

    HGB systems

    Brilliant prospects for your range of beers

    For optimal, controllable and reproducible blending.

HGB systems

One unit, many beers

Increase your flexibility with the compact High Gravity Blending (HGB) units from KIESELMANN. One system, many possibilities. On the basis of wort that is rich in extract, you obtain beers with high original wort content and alcohol content during fermentation. When blending, the mixing, degassed water is supplied to the beer. This method can achieve the desired original wort and alcohol content.

High Gravity Blending makes it possible to produce different beers from one beer strain. Many breweries increase their flexibility by taking this step in front of the Bright Beer Tanks or the filler. They have all process steps and settings in view at all times and can change, adapt or reproduce them. This is ensured by our monitoring and controlling system. Both original wort and alcohol content as well as the flow rates can be monitored and precisely controlled by KIESELMANN HGB systems in real time. Inline sensors and flow meters detect the individual data and thus offer you complete real-time control.

• Flexibility in production

• Precise dosage

• Suitable for Cleaning in Place (CIP)

• Personal advice