• Aseptic small seat valves

    Aseptic small seat valves

    The valve for high demands

    Adaptable: the new aseptic small seat valves.

Aseptic small seat valves

Small but powerful

The higher the quality of the product, the lower the quantities to be handled. For such difficult applications, we have developed our aseptic small seat valves in nominal diameters DN 8, DN 10 and DN 15. In our aseptic small seat valves, we rely on a bellow seal - in contrast to the standard diaphragm valves.

The modular design of the KIESELMANN small seat valves ensures high flexibility. Just a few simple steps to maintain the valve or retrofit the valve drive. The automated use of the small seat valves is possible at any time. In addition to the manual version, there are also three pneumatic actuators available:

  • air-opening - spring closing,
  • spring opening - air closing,
  • air-opening - air closing,

The drives can be equipped with control heads or end position feedback. All adaptations are available to you that you know from the aseptic sampling valves from KIESELMANN.

The connections of our aseptic small seat valves can be individually adapted to the individual installation situations. A leakage hole provides additional security and lets you detect any malfunction early.

• Individual equipment and retrofitting

• Convertible actuator

• Leak indicator

• Simple adaptation

• Compact design

• Modular construction

Technical data


DN 8, DN 10, DN15

Seal in product contact

PTFE compliant VO EU 10/2011


in product contact not in product contact

1.4404 / AISI 316L 1.4301 / AISI 304


Manual (handwheel actuation) pneumatic (air-opening - air-closing) pneumatic (air-opening - spring-closing) pneumatic (spring-opening - air-closing)


SPS or ASI Bus Control head end position feedback, inductive sensor

Product pressure

max. 6 bar

Control air

4 bar to 6 bar

Operating temperature:

max. 90 °C CIP/SIP-capable up to 140 °C