• Dirt trap

    Dirt trap

    Just collected, just clean

    KIESELMANN dirt traps separate liquids from unwanted solids and capture these contaminants safely and reliably.

Dirt trap

Separate what does not belong together

With the KIESELMANN dirt trap it is easy to separate liquids from unwanted solids and to capture these contaminants safely.

The filter element of the dirt trap consists of a slotted stainless steel housing with fine mesh. Mesh size of 0.25 mm. As a result of the design, solids fall into the sieve and no longer obstruct the flow of media. In a user-friendly way, the sieve insert can be removed, cleaned and reinstalled in just a few easy steps.

Tapered nut / thread connection or the practical welding ends make the KIESELMANN dirt trap the universal collection fitting for unwanted solids in the beverage and food industry.

• Easy assembly and disassembly

• Quick cleaning of the sieve insert

Technical data


Slotted screen: DN 25 - 100 Perforated plate: DN 25 - 150

Screen insert

Slotted screen: Perforated plate DN25-65: DN80–150:

0.25mm 0.5x10mm 0.75x10mm


in product contact not in product contact

1.4301 / AISI 304 1.4301 / AISI 304 1.4404 / AISI 316L



Operating temperature:

min. 0°C max. 90°C

Operating temperature CIP/SIP

EPDM 140°C HNBR 120°C FKM 110°C

Nominal pressure

PN 10


Threaded / Pipe Fitting Welded End