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Control valves for
exact process control


Control valves are used in process systems to specifically limit the volume flows and reduce the pressures in the production of liquid media.

KIESELMANN offers a large range of control valves for this. The choice of the suitable valve depends on the field of application. The space-saving and cost-efficient butterfly control valves are appropriate for simple control tasks. For processes which require a high degree of control accuracy, single-seat control valves on KI-DS basis are the right choice.

Butterfly control valves


Butterfly control valves

Butterfly valves are normally used as shut-off valves in pipeline systems. KIESELMANN offers a cost-effective control valve on the basis of the proven butterfly valves for simple control tasks. These butterfly control valves are available with screw connection or welded design as well as in intermediate flange design which is easy to maintain. In order to adapt the valve to the process, actuations with three different power levels are available. The control possibilities are the same as with single-seat control valves, but they don’t reach the same control accuracy due to the design-related moment of inertia of the sealing washer/flap.

The advantages for your plant:
Cost-effective control valve
Three actuations with compatible connections
     PDA 75 / PDA 100 /PDA 125
Intermediate flange design easy to maintain
Butterfly control valves

Butterfly control valve for simple control tasks
 Sizes DN 15 – 125, 1“ – 4“

 Materials being in
 contact with the product
1.4301 / AISI 304
  1.4307 / AISI 304L
  1.4404 / AISI 316L

 EPDM (SIP 140 °C, 30 min)
 HNBR (SIP 110°C, 30 min)
 Silicon (SIP 110° C, 30 min)

 Surfaces being in with 
 the product
Ra < 0,8 μm, e-polished

 Operating pressure: DN 15-65/DN 1“-2½“ = 16bar*
  DN 80-100/DN 3“-4“ = 10bar
  DN 125-200 = 6bar
 * Flanged connector PN10 only up to 10bar


Single-seat control valves

The multi-purpose applicable single-seat control valves made by KIESELMANN are available both in linear and equal-percentage version. The fittings are based upon the hygienic and proven concept of the KIESELMANN KI-DS valves. Their control accuracy and cavitation resistance were optimized in simulations and tests. Owing to a large range of nominal widths and Cv values as well as different connection variants, there is the suitable component for every application. The advantageous removable seat concept allows an easy adaptation to changing process conditions. Offering nominal widths of PN 10 as well as different metallic and elastomer sealing concepts, these valves allow the user a safe and exact process control and sealing.

The advantages for your plant:
Flexible removable seat concept
Metallic or elastomer sealing
Linear or equal-percentage control
Easy adaptation

Single-seat control valves

Single-seat control valves with removable seat concept


 Sizes DN 25 – 100, 1“ – 4“

 Cv values

0,4 – 160 m³/h

 Materials being in contact
the product

1.4404 / AISI 316L
  1.4542 / AISI 630 17-4PH

 EPDM (SIP 140 °C, 30 min) FDA conform
 HNBR (SIP 130 °C, 30 min) FDA conform

 Surfaces being in contact
 with the product
Ra < 0,8 μm, e-polished

 Operating pressure: PN 16

 Actuations: - Diaphragm actuation
  - Lifting piston actuation


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KIESELMANN single seat valves in a valve manifold for automatic processes.

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