KIESELMANN k-flex seals

What are k-flex seals?


Seals must guarantee a trouble-free function of valves and connections in case of high strain.

They are the most sensitive part in a valve or a connection. Therefore, the KIESELMANN development searched for an optimal material in this field and found it in k-flex seals. Only KIESELMANN offers valves and components with k-flex sealing elements.

KIESELMANN k-flex seal


This unique material offers you essential advantages, as this no other sealing material can do:

Very good recovery

Constant pressure distribution on the
     seal periphery

Low sealing pressure necessary

FDA conform
High resistance of temperature and
    aggressive media

Much longer service life, therefore longer
    maintenance intervals (lower costs caused by
    production stop)

Owing to excellent cleanability
    (antiadhesive) suitable for aseptic application
Leakage-free opening and closing avoids product losses and hygienic problems
What are k-flex-seals?
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